How to mine Raptoreum (RTM) with low complexity and high performance

How to mine Raptoreum (RTM) with low complexity and high performance

Raptoreum (RTM)

Raptoreum (RTM) is a brand new digital currency that has only recently begun to support mining on CPUs and the complexity is extremely low, so both old and new computers can have good performance. As of this writing, the current processing power of the entire network is less than 1 Mh / s. The encryption algorithm used is GhostRider.

Starting Raptoreum Mining (RTM) Training

GhostRider is an algorithm created specifically for Rapidoreum RTM. It is designed to prevent special hardware (such as ASICs and FPGAs) so that anyone can use it competitively and increase the overall variance.

According to the announcement on its official website, it has launched three foreign exchanges, but has not yet opened a USDT trading pair, so there is no good withdrawal strategy, so it will take some time to withdraw funds before they can be withdrawn. I will add in this article. But now, it’s a good opportunity. Honestly, I still want the experience of watching a currency launch, and I’m still an early user of mining, so I have this article.

Step 1 – Install the official Raptoreum Core Wallet

1. First, download the wallet from the official site (it seems you can mine directly with the wallet, but the official still recommends using a pool for mining). GitHub:

2. Next we proceed to the installation of the wallet, since this is a new currency, there are very few synchronized blocks.

3. Then you will be taken to the main wallet page, click Get File Address, you will see your get address, and then just right click to copy it.

4. The only thing left to do is to wait for the wallet to sync by itself.In the process of synchronization you can start mining.

Step 2 – start mining Raptoreum

1. Download the mining tool cpuminer , this mining tool supports multiple processors. Click to download

2. Once the download is complete, log in to the mining software directory, you will see the following files, and then you can log in to the mining pool and get the mining address. Note that the ones I’ve circled in the red box are support programs for mining software for different processors. If you add instructions to run error or crash, perhaps the processor model does not support this, you can change to other executables.

The address of the mining pool click to enter , this mining pool does not need to register because the calculation is directly based on the payment address.

3. Create a new start.bat file in the root directory (you can also modify an existing bat file), enter the following instructions and then start mining.

cpuminer - AVX . EXE - A GR - O Stratum + TCP : // номер порта -u адрес кошелька -px

You can replace cpuminer-avx.exe at the beginning of the command. If the processor does not support it, replace it with another exe file. The port number is a parameter provided by this mining pool. Choose the port number yourself according to the performance of your processor.

The working screen shot looks like this:

4. To check if the mining is working fine, after half an hour of mining go directly to the working page of the mining pool, press Ctrl + F to find your wallet address, for example, I can see my address. Employee request page: click to enter

5. this mining pool directly transfers coins to the wallet, but if the wallet nodes are not synchronized, you will not be able to see your balance, so the final income from mining must wait until the wallet is synchronized. Below is the effect of a group of friends who have been digging for six hours. The mining pool is only calculated once, each time the accumulation reaches 30-40. Don’t worry about it.

Final thoughts on RTM

This is a brand new currency that has been used on the Internet for the last two months. Since it is not yet listed on the exchange, I do not know its value yet. However, since the difficulty of mining is low and the profits are big, you can dig out first.Years later … is the new Dogecoin.
In addition, lately the official is giving away RTM every day. If you’re interested, you can go to Reddit to respond to the official post. The address (must go over the wall) is click to enter

To exchange for LTC, withdrawals can first be made to an overseas secure exchange. Then fund the exchanged LTC to any domestic exchange listed below, and finally withdraw them in cash via legitimate currency transactions.

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