TeamRedMiner 0.10.7 – Ergo+Kaspa dual mining added

TeamRedMiner – This is an optimized miner for AMD video cards only. Tim Red Miner is mainly used for mining Ethereum. Read more about how to mine Ethereum on video cards in Window:

TeamRedMiner is AMD exclusive mining software developed by Todxx and Kerney666 programmers. This software can mine cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ravencoin, Grin, Zcoin and more. This is a command line program. This means that you run it either from the Windows command line or Linux console, or you create shortcuts to predefined command lines using a Linux Bash script or a Windows batch (.bat) file.

TeamRedMiner 0.10.7

This release primarily adds Ergo+Kaspa dual GPU mining, and also adds voltage management support on SQRL FK33 and TUL TH53/55 fpgas.

  • GPU: Added ERG+KAS dual mining support for all supported GPUs (see DUAL_ERGO_MINING.txt).
  • GPU: исправлен полусломанный двойной майнинг zil для старых алгоритмов (Nimiq, Argon2, x16r и других).
  • FPGA: добавлена поддержка частоты выше 700 МГц на Kaspa.
  • FPGA: добавлено управление напряжением для TH53, TH55 и FK33.
  • FPGA: добавлена поддержка Kaspa на платах VCU1525 и Aleo U200.
  • FPGA: возможное исправление сбоев после отключения сети при майнинге Kaspa.
  • FPGA: добавлено описание мода напряжения FK33, см. FPGA_FK33_MOD.txt.


  • GPU: Added dual ERG+KAS mining support for all supported gpus (see DUAL_ERGO_MINING.txt).
  • GPU: Fixed semi-broken dual zil mining for older algos (Nimiq, Argon2, x16r, and others).
  • FPGA: Added support for running higher than 700MHz on Kaspa.
  • FPGA: Added voltage control for TH53, TH55, and FK33.
  • FPGA: Added support for Kaspa on VCU1525 and Aleo U200 boards.
  • FPGA: Possible fix for crashes after network outage when mining Kaspa.
  • FPGA: Added description of FK33 voltage mod, see FPGA_FK33_MOD.txt.

System requirements:

  • Current and supported driver version
  • For cryptonight and lyra2rev3 algorithms, only amdgpu-pro drivers 18.30 and later are supported on linux. ROCm is not supported.


R-mode: Update RaveOS Teamredminer – Radeon VII 102 Mh, Radeon RX 6700 XT

R-mode greatly improves the efficiency of ethash mining on a number of AMD GPUs. This is the most complex and advanced work we have done to date. It’s only Linux.

На данный момент мы не ожидаем, что сможем перенести режим R-mode на Windows.

R-mode contains a number of elements to make the hardware perform better in an ethash mining setup. In other words, we have increased the Ethereum hashrate quite a lot. This setup is definitely worth it. However, the downside is that in rare cases the combination of hardware, GPU, opencl version, kernel module just doesn’t work. We expect R-mode to work about 95-97% of the time. When it works as expected, it usually runs very stable.

Setting up Team Red Miner

The miner is configured only through a batch file (file with the .bat extension). You do not need to configure the configuration (there is auto-tuning).

Setting up a batch file for Ethereum

Pool address (-o)stratum+tcp://
Wallet (-u)Wallet address
Password or farm nameWorker Password

To set up a batch file for ETH, we need to enter 6 commands in turn:

  1. teamredminer.exe is the name of the program that will run. Please note that the batch file itself must be in the same folder as the program itself
  2. -a ethash – after the -a key, we specify the algorithm for mining. In this example, Ether, so ethash is specified
  3. -o stratum+tcp:// – specify the address of the pool. This example uses ethermine.
  4. :4444 – after the colon, specify the port of the pool. Ethermine has 4444.
  5. -u 0x0c19EfE277b4e64f26c93b3a48A26EeD310421c8 – after -u we write the address of our wallet to which mining will go.
  6. .trmtest – specify the name of the worker after the dot. You can specify any. It is needed for the name of the farm, the code you will track statistics on the pool.

This is how the TeamRedMiner batch file for eth on the ethermine pool will look like:

teamredminer.exe -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u 0x1c19EfE277b4e64f26c93b3a48A26EeD310421c8.trmtest -p x

Setup for NiceHash

teamredminer.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u 3КZhp4g3m7YWqR4hAPrZsKWbyo7hRBmqvо.trmtest -p x

This is an example for RVN:

  1. kawpow — указываем алгоритм майнинга. В данном случае Ravencoin
  2. – specify the pool server for nicehash
  3. 3385 – write the port from the pool
  4. 3LZhp4g3m7YWqR4hAPrZsKWbyo7hRBmqvy – and a wallet. Important! For mining on nicehash, you need to specify your BTC wallet, and not the coin you are mining.
teamredminer.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u 31Zhp4g3m7YWqR4hAPrZsKWbyo7hRBmqvо.trmtest -p x

Miner launch

We launch the program by double-clicking on the file with the .bat extension. When you first start the program will tell us the following information:

information at startup

  1. In the top line there will be everything that we specified in a body shirt
  2. The process of initialization (recognition) of video cards has started
  3. Initialization process completed successfully The program picked up the configuration (CN 8+7:AAA)
  4. Runtime Command Keys: h – help, s – stats, e – enable gpu, d – disable gpu, t – tuning mode, q – quit – You can use some commands right during mining if you click on the active miner window and press the keys: h – help, s – statistics, e – maps on, d – maps off, t – tuning mode, q – exit
  5. The program connects to the pool
  6. The program successfully connected to the pool and got work for video cards
  7. The pool set the current mining difficulty, as well as the program connected to the pool for the developer commission (Dev pool)

Further, at the first start, the process of auto-tuning of video cards will start:

  1. The miner reports that the program is looking for the best configuration for video cards and this process is 10% ready (this process takes up to 10 minutes depending on the video cards and their number)
  2. In the meantime, one of the video cards found the first ball (solution for the block). This is interesting, because it is for the balls that we are paid for the participation of our video card capacities in mining. Here you can find out about the full structure of rewards for miners.

After waiting a little more, we finally see the hashrate of video cards and other data:

program hashrate

  1. GPU 1 [61C, fan 59%] cnr: 834.8 h/s, avg 828.0 h/s, pool 940.3 h/s a:5 r:0 hw:0 – all information for the video card.
  2. cnr: 834.8 h/s, avg 828.0 h/s, hashrate and average hashrate
  3. pool 940.3 h/s – hashrate that we send to the pool
  4. a:5 r:0 — 5 balls accepted, 0 rejected.
  5. hw:0 – hardware errors – 0
  6. Total – the total hashrate of all video cards
  7. Stats Uptime: 0 days, 00:11:05 – total mining time

Algorithms and commissions

Ethash on Polaris GPUs0.75%
Ethash on all other GPUs1.0%
Cryptonight R2.5%
Cryptonight v8 upx22.5%
Cryptonight v8 turtle2.5%
Cryptonight v8 half2.5%
Cryptonight v8 double2.5%
Cryptonight v8 rwz2.5%
Cryptonight v82.5%
Cryptonight heavy2.5%
Cryptonight haven2.5%
Cryptonight saber2.5%
Cryptonight conceal2.5%
Chukwa-512 (Turtlecoin)2.5%
Chukwa-1024 (Turtlecoin)2.5%


–algo or a short synonym for this command -a – specifies the algorithm for mining (for example: ‘ethash’, ‘kawpow’, ‘cuckatoo32’, ‘beamhash’)

Important! Use either the long synonym -algo or the short -a. You don’t need to use both together.

-h, –help Display help information and exit

Problem solving

Pool login failed. Error code:-1-Exchange addresses need payment IDs

You must specify the PAyment Id of the coin. Without this, the pool cannot start mining. Example for Monero:

teamredminer.exe -a cnr -o stratum+tcp:// -u 44tLjmXrQNrWJ5NBsEj2R77ZBEgDa3fEe9GLpSf2FRmhexPvfYDUAB7EXX1Hdb3aMQ9FLqdJ56yaAhiXoRsceGJCRS3Jxkn.5d3c802ee0f8e12e4eb9792722b7816a42178aa29ef7477c138ddb940c55648d -p x

Program crashes or won’t start

The problem could lie anywhere. Most often this is a misconfiguration of the .bat file. Punctuation error – incorrect syntax.

Here is a list of possible troubleshooting steps:

  1. check the syntax of the .bat file and add the word pause at the very end. Thus, before closing the program will show what the error is.
  2. .bat file must be in the folder with the program, and not elsewhere
  3. check if the swap file is set (from 16 GB and above) The image is enlarged by clicking
  4. remove environment variables from former miners. System properties / advanced system settings / environment variables – remove variables from old programs. Do not delete system variables! Delete only those that start with GPU_FORCE and reboot the system
  5. check the contacts of all risers. Sometimes it helps to swap PCI-e slots
  6. check the power supply. The program may crash if the video cards do not have enough power from the unit

If you still have difficulties with the launch, write to us in the comments – we will help!

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