Kaspa (KAS) – What is it and how does it mine on kHeavyhash?

Kaspa (KAS) – What is it and how does it mine on kHeavyhash?

Kaspa (KAS) – What is it and how to mine?

Kaspa is currently the fastest proof-of-work coin in existence that can be mined while remaining decentralized. BlockDAG’s high block rate architecture provides greater decentralization of mining and enables efficient solo mining at lower hash rates. Kaspa, launched in November 2021 with no pre-mining, zero pre-sale or coin distribution, is 100% decentralized, open source and community driven. Kaspa has a total supply of 28.7 billion coins with an issuance schedule that is halved once a year by a smooth monthly reduction at a ratio of (1/2)^(1/12).

Kaspa mining is based on kHeavyHash, a modified form of the HeavyHash algorithm, ready for an “optical miner. kHeavyhash uses matrix multiplication, which is encapsulated in 2 keccac. kHeavyHash is energy efficient, kernel dominated and can be successfully mined using GPUs, FPGAs and future specialized mining hardware.

Kaspa (KAS) is a very interesting crypto project that has largely gone unnoticed, but lately it is starting to generate well-deserved interest. KAS is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency that implements the GHOSTDAG protocol, a protocol that does not separate blocks created in parallel, but allows them to coexist and order them by consensus. This generalization of the Nakamoto consensus ensures secure operation while maintaining a very high block rate (currently one block per second, target 32 blocks per second, with the prospect of 100 blocks per second) and minimal confirmation times, in which Internet latency prevails.

Kaspa (KAS), which is a PoW coin, can be mined and mined based on kHeavyHash., a modified form of the HeavyHash algorithm, ready for optical mining. kHeavyhash uses matrix multiplication, which is encapsulated in 2 keccac. kHeavyHash is energy efficient, with a dominant core (requires a higher GPU clock speed and is not as memory dependent) and can be successfully mined using a GPU with FPGA and future dedicated mining hardware, which is also possible in the future. Kaspa’s blockDAG architecture, with its high block rate, provides greater decentralization of mining and enables efficient solo mining even at lower hash rates. KAS was launched in November 2021 with no pre-mining, no pre-sales and no coin distribution. Kaspa’s total supply is 28.7 billion coins with an issuance schedule that is halved once a year by a smooth monthly reduction at a ratio of (1/2)^(1/12). The current award per block is 329.

Kaspa (KAS) can be mined on several mining pools, the largest of which is WoolyPooly, although you you might want to check some of the smaller ones to allocate hashrate, like ACC Pool and HashPool . Ego can be mined on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs with a number of popular miners that support the kHeavyHash algorithm that the coin uses, such as LolMiner, GMiner, BZminer, SRBminer, Team Red Miner and KaspaMiner.

Our preferred GPU miners for Nvidia GPUs are LolMiner and GMiner, and you can make sure that you have more recent video drivers for maximum performance. You may also want to lower the memory clock speed and increase the GPU clock speed because this is a GPU-intensive algorithm, and higher GPU clock speeds and increased power limits will give you a much bigger performance boost than overclocking the memory. This also means that the power consumption of GPU mining farms optimized for Kaspa mining will be higher than what you used for Ethash/ETChash mining, although you can stay at the same lower power levels with a slightly lower hash rate, of course.

Several crypto exchanges already support KAS trading, including TxBit , ExBitron , MexC and TradeOgre . In the last few days there has been a surge of interest and a slight increase in prices, so the profitability of mining has also increased, as Kaspa has made the list of the most profitable coins to be mined at the moment.

Kaspa Wallet KAS

You need a KAS address and a Kaspa Wallet to receive mining rewards and store your KAS. There are currently 3 different types of wallet available: a Kaspa web wallet, a desktop wallet, and a Kaspa command line wallet. If you want to mine alone, you’ll need a full node client, which we’ll talk about later.

KAS Wallets:

You can also use a desktop wallet, the KDX Kaspa full node software client, to use and manage the Kaspa Wallet in a desktop environment. Either way, you just need a Kaspa address to mine the pool, and a web wallet is enough for that. It makes it easy to send and receive payments. It’s also convenient and secure.

Go to wallet.kaspanet.io and click “Create new wallet”. Then set a password and copy the 12-word secret recovery phrase. Don’t forget to save your secret sido phrase in a safe place. You’ll need it in the future to restore your wallet. Click “Next” and the following screens will prompt you to confirm the recovery phrase. Check the correct words and click “Done.”

caspah wallet address

That’s it! You’re done setting up your Kaspa wallet. Copy the Kaspa address that you will use to receive your mining payments and store your KAS. Note that the Kaspa address contains the word “kaspa”. When sending or receiving payments, or even when using it, you must specify the kaspa prefix in your miner settings

How to mine Kaspa?

Here, in this mining guide, we are only going to talk about mining in the Kaspa pool and dual-mining ETC and Kaspa in Windows and Hive. For this we will be using lolMiner and BzMiner. Even though Kaspa can be mined alone, we won’t stop here as it requires more steps.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering, here’s how Kaspa solo-mining works.

Kaspa mining software – kHeavyHash Miners

This is a list of miners that allow you to mine KAS. It supports both Solo and Double Mining.

<strong>Visit:</strong> <a href=”https://kaspa.org/resources/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener” aria-label=”undefined (opens in a new tab)”> https://kaspa.org/resources/</a> for additional KASPA resources. You will find links to useful websites, tools and resources for getting started with KASPA.

Some prefer BzMiner for NVIDIA and use SRBMiner for AMD. lolMiner also works well. If you don’t want to pay miner fees and are wary of closed source miners, you can use Kaspa open source miner.

Note. When downloading the miner, your browser may block the file. Also, your antivirus program will mark the miner as a virus. This is a false positive, so just add an exception and continue the download.

After downloading, all you need to do is unpack the miner, right-click and edit the miner.bat file. Add the address of your Kaspa wallet, set up the pool and start mining.

KASPA solo mining training

In general, for solo mining you need to deploy a virtual server. You can buy ego from Vultr or Digital Ocean and then it will start a Kaspa node. You will need a lot of bandwidth and disk space to run a Kaspa node. The node must remain in the network 24×7. Synchronization of the blockchain will take some time. Once the node is fully synchronized, create a wallet, configure the miner and start mining.

You don’t need a virtual server to run a full node and start mining alone. You can also do this from your own mining PC. But note that the node must be stable and working. If it closes, your miner stops mining until the node is up and running again. So take this into account before setting up a full node on your PC and start solo mining.

Download Kaspa: https://github.com/kaspanet/kaspad/releases

Unzip Kaspad and you will find kaspad.exe, kaspaminer.exe and kaspawallet.exe. Now you need to create separate batch files.

  • 1 Files for starting the node.
  • 2. Create a wallet.
  • 3. Start the wallet daemon.
  • 4. Check the balance of the wallet
  • 5. Start the miner.

Start node: (filename: start-node.bat)

Right click on the new text document, enter the following command and save it as start-node.bat.

kaspad /utxoindex
goto start

Now run start-node.bat to start the blockchain synchronization.

Note. At the time of this writing, the database size is over ~12 GB. The default data directory is C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Kaspad. If you run out of storage space, you can move the node to a different directory.

Once the node is synced and running, everything is fine. The next thing you need is a wallet.

Create wallet: (file name: create-wallet.bat)

In the folder, create create-wallet.bat and enter the following command.

kaspawallet create 

Run create-wallet.bat and follow the instructions to create a Kaspa wallet.

Start the wallet daemon (file name: start-daemon.bat)

kaspawallet start-daemon

Check balance (with running daemon)

kaspawallet balance

Next, you will need mining software. You can download and run the tmrlvi gpu miner or use the kaspaminer.exe file.

If NVIDIA creates the mine-kaspa-nvidia.bat file in the Kaspad folder and enters the following command:

kaspaminer.exe -s -a kaspa:address --workload [number]
goto start

If AMD creates mine-kaspa-amd and enters the following command:

kaspaminer.exe -s -a kaspa:address --opencl-enable --opencl-workload [number]
goto start

* The workload parameter is optional

If you are mining on the same PC running the full node, use the IP address or use the ipconfig command on the system where the node is running and use that IP address in your miner.

You can also download and use BzMiner. To solo mine with BzMiner, you must replace the pool URL with your node IP and port number with 16110.

Command line example:

bzminer -a kaspa -w kaspa:xxaddressxx -p solo+tcp://

In addition to using your own node, you can also use a public node for individual mining, such as a mining pool. Pools such as WoolyPooly (https://woolypooly.com/en/coin/kas) and Acc-Pool (https://kaspa.acc-pool.pw/) support both solo and pool mining . But there are things like pool fees, latency issues that you need to consider.

Even with one GPU, you can mine Kaspa alone. Because of the way the protocol works, you will still get blocks even if you have a low hash rate. Good luck with solo mining.

Let’s now look at ETC + Kaspa pool mining and dual mining.


Do you want to become a miner to get blockchain rewards to keep the network secure? Take advantage of these popular software options.


Caspa can be mined alone or as part of a pool. Check out our current pool options below.


Information and tools related to Kaspa Mining.

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