GMiner 2.05: Download With Improved Performance for Qitmeer (PMEER)

GitHub: DOWNLOAD GMiner v2.05

The miner continues to improve and in the new version of GMiner 2.05 they added support for Qitmeer (PMEER), which initially showed rather high demand in CPU-mining. The previous version of miner 2.04 slightly improved the situation with the introduction of an additional parameter to reduce the load on the processor, but the latest update makes it even better. CPU utilization has been significantly reduced and should now be suitable for mining installations on GPUs with low-level Qitmeer mining processors (PMEER), and there is also a significant performance improvement of up to 30% over what is already available. The only thing you may not like until this is the remaining higher 5% development fee for this particular algorithm, which the miner still has compared to the usual 2% for other algorithms.

GMiner miner software was originally only an Nvidia GPU miner, although some algorithms are already supported on AMD GPUs. Please note that GMiner is a closed source miner for Nvidia and AMD GPUs with binary files available for both Windows and Linux, with the firmware paying developers 2%.

Changes v2.05:

  • improved performance for qitmeer (up to +30%)
  • decreased CPU usage for qitmeer (more than twice)



  • Watchdog timer (automatic miner restart if the GPU crashes, the connection to the pool is lost, the miner fails)
  • Failover pools (automatic connection to a failover pool when the main pool is unavailable, support for an unlimited number of failover pools);
  • Energy Efficiency Calculator (Show power consumption for each GPU, Sol / W);
  • SSL level connection (optional);
  • API / Telemerty.

Supported Algorithms:

  • Cuckaroo29 (Grin) (Nvidia/Amd);
  • Cuckatoo31 (Grin) (Nvidia only);
  • Cuckoo29 (Aeternity) (Nvidia/Amd);
  • Cuckaroo29s (Swap) (Nvidia/Amd);
  • Equihash 96,5 (MinexCoin) (Nvidia only);
  • Equihash+Scrypt (Vollar) (Nvidia only);
  • Equihash 125,4 (ZelCash) (Nvidia only);
  • Equihash 144,5 (Bitcoin Gold, BitcoinZ, SnowGem, ZelCash) (Nvidia/Amd)
  • Beam Hash (BEAM) (Nvidia/Amd);
  • Equihash 192,7 (Zero, Genesis) (Nvidia/Amd);
  • Equihash 210,9 (Aion) (Nvidia only).


  • CUDA compute compability 5.0+
  • Cuckaroo29 ~ 3.8GB VRAM
  • Cuckatoo31 ~ 7.4GB VRAM
  • Cuckoo29 ~ 3.8GB VRAM
  • Equihash 96,5 ~0.75GB VRAM
  • Equihash 144,5 ~1.75GB VRAM
  • Beam Hash ~2.9GB VRAM
  • Equihash 192,7 ~2.75GB VRAM
  • Equihash 210,9 ~1GB VRAM
  • CUDA 9.0+


To achieve the maximum performance of the GMiner miner, we recommend that you pay attention to the following utilities and software:

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