PolarisBiosEditor 3 PRO: Modify AMD GPU BIOS (Download PBE Crack)

PolarisBiosEditor 3 PRO: Modify AMD GPU BIOS (Download PBE Crack)

Polaris Bios Editor 3 Pro is a tool with simple settings for modding the BIOS of AMD GPUs. The new version of PBE 3 Pro with improved performance timings, automatic overclocking and lower voltage (power saving), ETH, XMR (CN), as well as special timings to increase the mining speed of all miners. PBE 3 PRO recognizes and applies custom performance timings for more memory types (compared to PBE 1.6.7), for example, H5GC8H24MJ and H5GQ4H24AJ, timings for this type are also available for ETH or XMR mining, you just select the one you need .

What else can the Polaris Bios Editor 3 Pro do?

  • The timings are optimized for ETH and XMR or Universal, you can choose which one you want (available only for some types of memory);
  • Timings for 4 GB or 8 GB cards automatically selects the best time settings for the card size (available only for some types of memory);
  • Detection of more memory types and the use of suitable timings (compared to PBE 1.6.7 and 1.7.0), new added support for H5GQ4H24AJ;
  • Automatic undervoltage, acceleration, acceleration (energy saving option);
  • It gives the largest increase in hashrate compared to the standard ones, since for 100% performance it is still necessary to manually adjust the memory clock frequency and core voltage, the editor cannot predict the quality of the card, therefore it is impossible to automatically use the upper values;
  • Supports Windows and Linux (x32 / x64 bit);
  • Supports almost all RX Polaris and Baffin cards (RX 460/470/480/560/570/580), (RX550 only a few of them, contact me before buying);
  • In future releases, a more intuitive timer patcher and low voltage;
  • Energy Saving Option:
    • New energy saving option! Automatically lower the voltage in the memory and core.
  • Auto Control OC:
    • Automatic memory overclocking for better hashing speed;

Instructions for PBE 3 PRO

Polaris Bios Editor 3 PRO: https://mining-bios.eu/product/polaris-bios-editor-3-pro-pbe-3-pro-performance-timings/

  1. Download archive from Polaris Bios Editor 3 Pro
  2. Unzip the archive to a convenient location
  3. Launch PolarisBiosEditor.exe
Windows 10 is recommended (Windows 7 and 8 should be fine too), activation might not work on other OS)

Step 1 – Download Software

First of all, go to the official website. Alternatively, download the archive from the official GitHub repository. Extract the archive to any convenient folder.

Step 2 – Install

We strongly recommend that you save the original BIOS in the GPU-Z program from the developers before you risk making changes. They can lead to unstable operation of the video card, and therefore it is vital to have the original configuration so that you can return everything to its original form.

  1. Open the installer file PolarisBioseditor.exe.
  2. Click “Open bios”.
  3. Find the BIOS file from the list that you saved thanks to GPU-Z.

On startup, the program displays a message from the developer. Click “YES” to continue.

After loading the BIOS, click «One Click Timing Patch».

The program applies the necessary timings for your GPU. Next, she will ask if you need to use it. Click OK.

We recommend that you test the new timings first. Take some time and watch the performance. If it is lower than expected, then reboot the BIOS. However, if you are asked about the timing again, refuse by pressing the “NO” button. Then a different timing will be applied.

After successfully applying the timings, you will see the following window:

Step 3 – Save BIOS

After completing these procedures, you can save the modified BIOS file. However, save as a new document. Otherwise, the original BIOS will be overwritten. We recommend that you always have it in stock. It is better to save several files in reserve, distributing them in different folders.


PBE 3 PRO 2020

  • New Samsung memory K4G80325FC
  • New device 6FDF AMD Radeon RX 580 2048SP

PBE 3 PRO 2019 changes and updates

  • Support for RX 590
  • New memory type H5GC8H24AJ

PBE 3 PRO changes and updates

  • New Micron, Hynix, Samsung and Elpida timings, better hashrate and stability
  • License checking fixes
  • Some fixes and bugs (Including Hynix typo)
  • New design
  • RX 560 detection due to different timings need
  • GPU vendor detection (Logo is showing now)
  • Tooltips

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  1. I use this software, everything is fine. Recently I came across a paid Polaris BIOS Editor, in which the timings for different models of cards are already preset. What do you think is it worth buying it or not?

  2. hello folks, can sombedoy explain me , my 4 rigs with RX580 8gb ,give 10-11 sol/s , no matther how clocks is, when set to 1126 gpu / 1900 memmory same hashrate when set clocks to 1200 gpu / 2150 memmory, thank’s.

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