GPU-Z v2.32.0 (Download for Windows) – Utility for monitoring and diagnosing GPUs

GPU-Z v2.32.0: Download New Version for Windows

GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to provide you with all the information about your graphics card and GPU. This convenient program with which you will receive the maximum of all kinds of information about the video card and its graphics processor. Supports work with cards NVIDIA and ATI.

The application will help you find out what model of video card you have, determine the connection interface, determine which GPU it is based on (BIOS version, chip revision number, frequency in 2D, 3D modes and during overclocking, information about DirectX support and other useful information). In addition, the GPU-Z provides information about video memory (type, size, bus resolution).

What’s new in GPU-Z v2.32.0?

  • Added voltage and power control on NVIDIA rails
  • Fixed reading the WDDM 2.7 GPU hardware acceleration schedule on the “Advanced” tab for the message “Disabled, not supported” instead of “Unknown (8)” in Windows 10 2004 with an AMD graphics card
  • Added support for 10th generation Intel Comet Lake processors
  • Added support for AMD Radeon Pro W5700X, WX 4170
  • Added support for GTX 1650 Ti Mobile (TU116-A), NVIDIA Tesla V100S-PCIE-32GB

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