T-REX v0.15.3: Nvidia Miner with support The KAWPOW mining

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Almost half a year has passed since the last release we saw with the T-Rex miner (Nvidia GPU miner), with the latest update, which focused on support and fixes for X16Rv2 (current mining algorithm of Ravencoin). The good news is that a new version of the miner T-Rex v0.15.3 has already been released, which will support the new mining algorithm KAWPOW, to which Ravencon (RVN) will connect very soon – May 6, 2020 at 18:00:00 UTC. In the current test version 0.15.3, support has been added for 3 new algorithms: kawpow (the upcoming RVN branch), progpow and mtp-tcr, although, nevertheless, note that there are obviously some things that need to be fixed, so how there seem to be some problems …

An attempt of the latest test version of T-Rex 0.15.1 (CUDA version 9.2) led to the miner not starting because it was looking for the nvrtc64 library with a name different from that used and also included in the miner … renames a dynamic library for a name that looking for a miner, helps (CUDA version 10.0 is fine). However, despite the fact that the miner is working, it has problems with mining in the mining pools of Minermore and BSOD Ravencoin, which already support KAWPOW mining. We hope that soon the problems will be resolved, and the official release 0.15.x will be available to anyone who can download and use it for mining Ravencoin (RVN) after May 6 for the KAWPOW algorithm.

Definitely good news for anyone looking forward to the fork of the Ravencoin switch to KAWPOW in order to return to mining RVN coins with their GPU mining boards, as most miners supporting Ravencoin mining already support or will soon receive proper support for the new algorithm. The only one who is still silent about supporting KAWPOW is Z-Enemy, and this was one of the most popular RVN mining options in the early days of crypto projects. Hopefully we will also see an update there. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best and most hassle-free miners for KAWPOW, try NBMiner 30.0 with open source code and the official Kawpowminer 1.2.0 open source with no development fees.

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