Twitch streaming platform added support for stablecoin MenaCash

The streaming platform Twitch began to support the stablecoin MenaCash, pegged to the American dollar. A stable cryptocurrency developed by the blockchain-based mobile payment service MenaPay.

MenaPay has updated its mobile app, with which Twitch users can send rewards to their favorite MenaCash players during the broadcast, or pay with this stablecoin for a paid subscription. Tokens are sent within a few seconds using a special QR code.

MenaPay CEO Cagla Gul Senkardes believes that the possibility of using stablecoins on Twitch is an important step in introducing blockchain into the gaming industry.

“After the announcement, we saw an active response from Twitch viewers, so we improved our application to provide further support to the gaming community. Now, not only Twitch players, but also spectators can use the MenaPay application, ”said the CEO of MenaPay.

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