Foreman Windows Agent – New mining panel for CPU/GPU/ASIC/FPGA

GitHub: Download Foreman Windows Agent

Foreman Windows Agent is a new solution for managing your miners remotely (CPU / GPU / ASIC / FPGA), with support for Windows / Linux / MacOS / HaveOS / nvOC. To provide an open source miner management solution you can trust. No special operating system, no closed source binaries, and no opening your firewall to the world. A hosted, mobile-friendly dashboard that lets you monitor the situation based on metrics extracted by our open source app (miners).


  • Hash rate monitoring
  • Remotely modify ASIC miner pools
  • Remote ASIC reboot
  • Income statements without the need to provide your wallet addresses
  • Centralized pool metrics
  • Temperature report
  • Warning When Something Wrong
  • Uptime metrics
  • ASIC and GPU support
  • Integration of NiceHash, MiningRigRentals (and AutoMiner) and ProHashing

ASICs and FPGAs:

  • aixin
  • antminer
  • avalon
  • baikal
  • blackminer
  • dayun
  • dragonmint
  • futurebit
  • hyperbit
  • innosilicon
  • multminer
  • obelisk
  • spondoolies
  • strongu
  • whatsminer


  • autominer
  • bminer
  • castxmr
  • ccminer (and forks)
  • claymore-eth
  • claymore-xmr
  • claymore-zec
  • cryptodredge
  • dstm
  • ethminer
  • ewbf
  • excavator
  • finminer
  • gminer
  • grinpro
  • hspminer
  • jceminer
  • lolminer
  • miniZ
  • mkxminer
  • multiminer-bogdanadnan
  • nanominer
  • nbminer
  • nicehashlegacy
  • optiminer
  • phoenix
  • progminer
  • progpowminer-amd
  • progpowminer-cuda
  • rhminer
  • sgminer (and forks)
  • silentminer
  • srbminer
  • suprminer (and forks)
  • swarm
  • t-rex
  • teamredminer
  • tt-miner
  • ubqminer
  • vertminer
  • wildrig
  • wildrig-multi
  • xmrig
  • xmrstak
  • z-enemy
  • zjazz_cuda
  • zm

Installation Foreman

  1. Download foreman (latest version).
  2. Unzip and install foreman.
  3. Add API information from here to conf / pickaxe.yml.
  4. Start mining.
  5. Add miners from your control panel! 🙂

To keep things simple, we recommend installing Pickaxe on every GPU installation. Querying multiple rigs from the same Pickaxe is possible, but requires knowledge of firewalls.

ASICs are another thing – they are available to any computer on your network, so a single computer that Pickaxe is running on (maybe even a GPU) can be used to query all of your ASICs.


  • JDK version 8 (or higher)
  • Apache Maven (only if building Pickaxe from sources)

Instructions for ASIC on Windows

The following steps should be done on your Windows computer:

  1. Download the latest version Foreman Windows Agent
  2. Unzip
  3. Open and replace content conf/foreman.txt with the following: apiKey=[ Your API Info ] clientId=[ Your API Info ]
  4. Run bin/service-start.bat
    • If Windows reports that this is an unrecognized application, click Details and then Run Anyway.
    • When asked if this app can make changes to your device, select Yes.
  5. You will know something is working when you see Kirk appear here – it should be immediately
  6. It’s time to add a miner


  • To stop the service, run: bin/service-stop.bat
  • The agent will automatically update your pickaxe

Fixing problems


Missing apiKey or clientId in foreman.txt

If you see this message anywhere, your conf / foreman.txt is not formatted correctly. See Windows steps above.

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