SmartMinerPRO+ (SMP+): new CPU/GPU/ASIC/FPGA GUI Miner [Download for Windows]

SmartMinerPRO + (SMP +) is a software product developed by SmartMiner.PRO with a simple and convenient graphical interface. This version of SMP + was created to work with each cryptocurrency based on these algorithms, including Bitcoin. Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Grin, Monero, Ravencoin, Dogecoin. RYO, Loki and many other coins.

SMP + Benefits

  • SMP + is completely free software and does not have DevFee, but this does not apply to third-party miners.
  • This version of SMP + works on Windows (x64bit)
  • CPU or GPU AMD or Nvidia
  • ASIC / FPGA mining.
  • Easy installation of miners and configuration files (.bat).
  • To start mining using SMP +, just enter your wallet in the .bat file of the selected miner.


Official github developer:

SMP (SmartMinerPRO) – version without pre-installed miners and .bat files

SMP + (SmartMinerPRO +) – version with a full package of pre-installed miners and .bat files + instructions

Miners Package – This is the complete package of all miners that support SMP +

System Requirements

  • WINDOWS XP, 7,8,10 or later (x64)
  • CPU (x64 / x86 / ARM) For mining a CPU a modern CPU with SSE2 support
  • OpenCL for AMD GPUs. For AMD mining any AMD GPU with OpenCL support
  • CUDA for NVIDIA GPUs. For mining NVIDIA any NVIDIA GPU with Computing Capability (SM) 3.0 or later

Note: Requires .NET Framework 4.8 or later and Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable 2015. No additional installations are required if you are using Windows 7 or later. However, if you have any problems starting the application (the application does not start or errors / warnings about missing DLL files are displayed), you should download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 and Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable 2015 (vcredist_x64.exe ) (after installation, a reboot may be required).

Supported SMP + miners:

  • bminer
  • ccminer
  • Nanominer
  • Claymore
  • cpuminer-opt
  • CryptoDredge
  • ethminer
  • EWB
  • Gminer
  • kawpowminer
  • lolMiner
  • miniZ
  • NBMiner
  • PhoenixMiner
  • Progpowminer
  • SRBMiner-CN
  • SRBMiner-Multi
  • TeamRedMiner
  • T-Rex
  • TT-Miner
  • xmrig
  • xmr-stak
  • z-enemy
  • zm

How to get started

  • Download the archive from SmartMinerPRO +
  • Unzip the archive to a convenient location
  • Run SMP + .exe

IMPORTANT! For your mining equipment, you must install the necessary dependencies. Since each program has its own requirements. For reference, you can refer to the root directory in the miner’s folder.

How to use SMP +

  1. When starting SMP for the first time, select a coin to mine.
    • If you wish, you can choose the equipment that will be used, as a standard, all available CPU / GPUs will be used.
  2. Click “Start mining”, in the window of mining options, select the miner and the .bat file (coins pool).
    • By default, safe recommended settings are used to increase the profitability of mining.
  3. You can edit the .bat file to replace the wallet and pool values with your own by clicking the “EDIT” button.
    • If you wish, you can replace the request parameters; for this, we recommend that you refer to the practical guide in the root folder of the miner.
  4. After replacing the wallet and pool values with yours, click “RUN”
  5. Then coin mining begins.

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  1. Hi,

    I am wondering if there is a bitstream release for mining LyraRev2RE3 algo’s such as vertcoin.

    Either optimized for gpu’s or for FPGA miners

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