TeamBlackMiner v1.29: AMD/NVIDIA Ethash, Etchash, Verthash Miner

TeamBlackMiner or TBM is a miner that maintains a leading position in mining coins such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Zilliqa. The developer commission for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is only 0.5%-1% DEV FEE. The program supports informative and readable statistics output in the form of tables in the console. There is a mechanism to restore a lost connection to the pool. Team Black Miner is integrated into such systems as HiveOS, RaveOs and mmpOS. To find TBM in the list of miners – update your system to the latest version, then create a new config and scroll through the list of miners to select TBM – it’s far down.


  • Displaying difficulty changes in the miner’s window.
  • Use ETH+ZIL fractions when calculating pool rate and fractions per minute.
  • Changed strat to avoid rejected shares on and pools.
  • The default –xintensity has been changed to 144 for NVIDIA to reduce stalls/refusals on hiveon, crazypool, flexpool, etheremine and binance pools.

Requirements for the miner:

  • Windows 10 or linux.
  • All AMD cards are supported
  • NVIDIA cards with 5.0 or newer calculations.

Requirements windows:

  • Visual studio 2015-2019 Redistributable Package
  • Run the ansicolor.reg script to get the colors
  • The latest NVIDIA driver or newer v460.89.
  • Support for older versions of cuda, windows 8.1 and 7 has been discontinued.

Features of the miner:

  • Commission is charged constantly, not intermittently (as in most miners), which has a positive impact on user profitability on PPLNS pools
  • Check Shares on the CPU, a warning when the GPU is overclocked very high for Ethash, Etcash, helps overclock the GPU without errors
  • DAG caching, if GPU has enough memory, DAG files are not recalculated when switching to another algorithm when mining Ethash + Zilliqa or Nicehash. (NVIDIA only)
  • Temperature control and GPU shutdown in case of overheating (NVIDIA only)
  • Mechanism to recover a lost connection to the pool
  • Support for secure connections
  • Informative and readable output of tabular statistics to the console
  • Display detailed information for each device (temperature, power consumption, cooler load, memory frequency, CPU frequency, power efficiency) (NVIDIA only)
  • Parallel output of information to the console and to a file on the disk

Supported algorithms and developer’s commission:

  • Eth, ethash 0.5%
  • Etc, etchash 0.5%
  • Zil standalone 1.0%
  • Vertcoin 1,0%
  • Eth+zil, ethash 0,5%
  • Etc+zil, etchash 0.5%
  • vtc+zil 1.0%
How to start mining with TeamBlackMiner

How to start mining with TeamBlackMiner

Step 1 – Download the TBMiner

There are two official sources to download:

  1. Go to GitHub. You will see “Assets” in the “Releases” section:
  2. Download the latest version from the top of the table for your OS.
  3. The downloaded archive must be unpacked. The best program to use is WinRAR/7-Zip.

Step 2 – Configure TeamBlackMiner

After unpacking the archive, you will need to create or edit ready-made .bat files. In the same folder as teamblackminer.exe, you will need to create or edit an existing file, with the extension .bat. To create a new one, just create a .txt file and give it a .bat extension. Open the .bat file with Notepad. Here is a sample setup for the Binance pool. You will need to enter the following commands into it:

Set USERNAME=username1

TBMiner --algo ethash --hostname --port 1800 --wallet %USERNAME% --worker-name 001 --xintensity 24
timeout 10
goto :loop

Instead of username1, just enter your username from the Binance pool. For more information, see. “What is a Binance account and how do I open it? ” For example, type: Set USERNAME=MyBinanceLogin

Step 3 – Run the TBMiner

At this step you need to start the miner. Warning! You do not run teamblackminer.exe. Instead you click on the .bat file you just created. So, after running the program for a few minutes you will see a window with the hash rate:

TeamBlackMiner v1.29

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