CryptoDredge v0.21.0 (NVIDIA GPU Miner): Download for Windows/Linux.

CryptoDredge v0.21.0 (NVIDIA GPU Miner): Download for Windows/Linux.

GitHub: Download CryptoDredge v0.21.0

CryptoDredge v0.21.0 (NVIDIA GPU Miner) is an easy to use and highly optimized GPU miner. Thanks to unique optimization methods, the miner makes full use of the capabilities of modern NVIDIA graphics cards. CryptoDredge also pays great attention to stable power consumption. These advantages, as well as a small commission (Dev Fee – 1%, 2% for MTP), make this software one of the best public miners.

Changes v0.21.0

  • New Chukwa algorithm (Argon2-512)
  • Added new Chukwa WRKZ algorithm (Argon2-256)
  • New CryptoNightConceal Algorithm
  • Add stratum + ssl support for secure pool connections
  • Add SOCKS5 and HTTP proxy support for TCP and Websocket connections respectively
  • Several fixes and improvements

System requirements

  • NVIDIA Graphics Cards with Specification Version 5.0 or Higher
  • MTP requires cards with at least 5 GB of memory.
  • Latest GeForce Driver
  • 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended). Some algorithms, such as NeoScrypt, require a virtual memory (swap file) of the same size as the entire memory of video cards.
  • Internet connection


  • Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)
  • Visual C++ for Visual Studio 2015 (


  • Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 8+ (64-bit)
  • Libc-ares2 package You can install the libc-ares2 package using the following command through the terminal: apt-get install libc-ares2

Supported Algorithms

  • Allium
  • Argon2d (250/4096/DYN/NIM)
  • BCD
  • BitCore
  • CryptoLightV7 (Aeon)
  • CryptoNightFastV2 (Masari and Stellite)
  • CryptoNightGPU
  • CryptoNightHaven
  • CryptoNightHeavy
  • CryptoNightSaber (Bittube)
  • CryptoNightTurtle
  • CryptoNightV8
  • Cuckaroo29 (Grin)
  • CuckooCycle (Aeternity)
  • HMQ1725
  • Lyra2REv3
  • Lyra2vc0ban
  • Lyra2z
  • Lyra2zz (LAPO)
  • MTP (see paragraph MTP algorithm)
  • NeoScrypt
  • Phi2
  • Pipe
  • Skunkhash
  • Tribus
  • X16R
  • X16RT
  • X16S
  • X17
  • X21S
  • X22i

Fast start

The current version of CryptoDredge is a (portable) console application. Unzip the downloaded archive and edit one of the .bat / .sh files or pass the necessary arguments to the application via the command line.

Example: Code:CryptoDredge -a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<POOL> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p <OPTIONS>


Antivirus alerts

CryptoDredge is not part of the malware. You can try adding miner to antivirus exceptions.

Rejected Balls

There are many reasons for a rejected ball. Main reasons:

  • high network latency
  • overloaded pool
  • aggressive overclocking of video cards


If you use a third-party watchdog, you can disable the built-in option –no-watchdog.

Example: Code:CryptoDredge -a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<POOL> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> --no-watchdog

Multiple instances after a while

It seems that you are using your own miner restart mechanism (see Watchdog point).

Bug reports

When the built-in Watchdog is on, the miner will send us error reports in case of a crash. You can disable automatic sending of reports using the –no-crashreport parameter. Bug reports help us prioritize and track the most pressing issues.

Error reports will not contain any personal information about you, but they may include:

  • Operating system version
  • Driver version
  • Miner configuration
  • Crash dump

MTP algorithm

System requirements:

  • Video cards with a minimum of 5 GB of memory
  • There are no special requirements for the processor and RAM, 4 GB should be enough

By Compared to other algorithms, MTP requires the transfer of large volumes data per pool. This can be a problem for limited or slow connections.

Miner must perform additional work every time the pool sends a new “job”, so the average the hash rate will be slightly less.

For MTP commission 2%

Argon2d (NIM) algorithm

If you encounter a lot of “invalid share: invalid pow” errors, set the –hashrate option to calculate the initial complexity.

Command line arguments

-v, –version Display version information -a, –algo Specify a hash algorithm

  • aeon
  • aeternit
  • alliu
  • argon2d-dy
  • argon2d-nim
  • argon2d25
  • argon2d409
  • bc
  • bitcor
  • cnfast
  • cngp
  • cnhave
  • cnheav
  • cnsabe
  • cnturtl
  • cnv
  • cuckaroo2
  • hmq172
  • lyra2v
  • lyra2vc0ba
  • lyra2
  • lyra2zz
  • mt
  • neoscryp
  • phi
  • pip
  • skun
  • tribu
  • x16
  • x16r
  • x16
  • x1
  • x21
  • x22i

-d, –device Specify a list of devices used for mining. Identifiers are numbered with a comma 0,1 …, N – 1 -h, –help Display help information -i, –intensity Mining intensity (0 – 6). For example: -i N [, N] (default: 6) -o, –url pool URL -p, –pass Password / Parameters for the pool -u, –user Username for the pool –log Print a log to a file –no-color Turn off color –no-watchdog Turn off watchdog – automatic miner reboot in case of error –no-crashreport Do not send an error report –cpu-priority Set the process priority from 0 (low) to 5 (high) (default: 3) –api-type Specify API type (default: ccminer-tcp)

  • ccminer-tcp (TCP)
  • ccminer-ws (WebSocket)
  • off

-b, –api-bind IP: port for miner API, 0 is disabled (default: -r, –retries The number of attempts to restore a network connection in case of an error, -1 repeat endlessly (default: -1) -R, –retry-pause Pause time between attempts, in seconds (default: 15) –timeout Network timeout, in seconds (default: 300) -c, –config JSON configuration file (default: config.json) –no-nvml Turn off NVML –hashrate Expected hashrate in kh / s (argon2d-nim only) (default: 100)

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