Nimiq Desktop Miner (AMD GUI GPU miner) DOWNLOAD

GitHub: Download Nimiq Miner

Nimiq 3.0.1 AMD GPU miner (OpenCL NoncerPro GPU) – This is an OpenCL version of the NoncerPro GPU miner that uses the standard Nano mining protocol and is compatible with all available nimiq pools.

This miner has a fixed 2% development fee (DevFee 2%). The development fee was 1% in AMD miner V1.0.1 and previous versions.

  • ~ 10% hash rate improvement
  • rx580 8 GB -> 242 kHz / s with core state: p3, core clock frequency: 1090, memory clock frequency 2200, amdmemtweak: –ref = 30
  • Increase the value of mem clock to the maximum stable, and then check the clock range 1050-1125 for the best hashrate.
  • Be sure to add –optimizer every time you change the oc setting.
  • Improving Power Consumption (Ellesmere Cards on Linux)
  • This version works better at lower clock frequencies, so you can reduce the core voltage (830 – 850 mV) and
  • Added support for stupid mode (–mode = dumb)
  • Discarded an extra 20 seconds on the development board (exactly 120 seconds or 2%)
  • Added startDifficulty option (–diff = 32)
  • Disabled API by default. Add –api = ture if you need it


Version 0.3.4: Updated to Nimiq Core 1.4.1 – Temp fix for Accounts Tree.
Version 0.3.3: Updated to Nimiq Core 1.40 
Version 0.3.2: Updated to Nimiq Core 1.3.1 – Also prep for upcoming experimental features.
Version 0.3.1: Applied prune miner fix.
Version 0.3.0: Update to current master. Community seed nodes plus various updates and fixes. 
Version 0.2.9: Includes auto update, additional optimizations for AMD/Intel64 bit CPUs, solo mine without pool info, worker name (extraData), option to automatically start mining on app launch. (Auto start on Windows boot by copying shortcut to startup folder. Run ‘shell:startup’)

International language support for Български, 中文, Nederlands, Danske, français, Deutsch, Suomi, Bahasa Indonesia, portugués, Español, Latviešu, Polski, 日本語, 한국어, Русский, svenska, Türkçe.

NOTE: Now includes anonymous analytics for app errors, cpu type, peak hashrate, and selected language to help bring even better optimizations. No personal information is ever collected, stored, or transmitted.

Nimiq (NIM) is a cryptocurrency developed for the browser. Initially, Nimiq could only be mined using your processor. Since January 2019, mining on the GPU is also possible.


Note: This page describes the installation and usage of the precompiled packages provided above. For better performance, you might also consider to compile the miner source code on the machine where it is intended to be used.


dpkg -i nimiq_1.5.7-1_amd64.deb


yum install nimiq-1.5.7-1.x86_64.rpm


Double click the downloaded MSI file (nimiq-v*.x64.msi) and follow the instructions during the installation process.


Note: To run a Nimiq Full Node and receive connections from other peers you need a valid domain name and SSL certificate.

The configuration file for Linux is located in /etc/nimiq/nimiq.conf

On Windows systems, to access the configuration go to the Windows Start Menu and in the Nimiq folder select “Edit Config”.

Example Configuration File

    host: "",
    tls: {
        key: "PATH-TO-YOUR-KEY",
    network: "main",
    miner: {
        enabled: "yes",



systemctl start|stop|restart nimiq


Start the Nimiq Application from the Windows Start Menu. If the miner is enabled in the configuration file, mining will start automatically.

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