NPlusMiner v7.1.4: A New Alternative to NiceHash and Cudo Miner

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It’s nice to have easy-to-use services like NiceHash or Cudo Miner, but we are missing out on the good old days of Miner Control before things got too complicated to make it simple and easy for novice miners and not at all easy for more advanced users. A bit of fresh air is NPlusMiner software, which really brings us back from the past in the form of a user interface and functionality, but at the same time it is relevant in terms of software and mining functionality.

NPlusMiner – This is a convenient and functional GUI with a powerful backend that in real time monitors various mining pools to find the most profitable mining pool and algorithm for the moment. It supports CPU mining, as well as AMD and Nvidia GPUs and, of course, uses the most popular miner software that you usually use to manually mine for a specific pool and for a specific algorithm.

The software works surprisingly well, and both novices and more experienced users can sue it, a small download that is easy and quick to configure based on your mining equipment. It loads the necessary miners quickly and automatically, then performs testing and automatically switches to what is most beneficial for your equipment. It supports a number of popular mining pools and is updated quite often to reflect changes and improvements, as well as corrections that will help you increase profits. The mining and switching algorithm of the pool is pretty good and advanced, so the software cannot be easily misled due to short jumps in profitability. NPlusMiner software also has some useful advanced features for users who want more control over the mining process. There is a small developer fee for using the software – a fee for 8 minutes per day (0.5%), which can be changed in the configuration (minimum 3).

Changes and Relases v7.1.4

  • GMiner 2.09
  • Improve Server performances
  • Added Icons to Web UI (Pools/Coins)

Features list of The NPlusMiner


  Since version 2.0 NPlusMiner has a GUI making it easy to configure and run.
  Relies on config files. No need to edit bat files. Simply run NPlusMiner
  Set your wallet address and hit start
  For console lovers. Run NPlusMiner-ConsoleUp.


  Since version 4.0 NPlusMiner integrates an AutoUpdate feature.

Pause Mining

    Ability to pause miners while keeping other jobs running (pause button)
    This will stop mining activity
    BrainPlus will still run in the background avoiding the learning phase on resume
    EarningTracker will still run in the background avoiding the learning phase on resume


  Ability to run a batch prior switching to a specific algo.
  For example, can be used to set per algo OC via nvidiaInspector
  Simply create a file named <AlgoName>.bat in prerun folder
  If <AlgoName>.bat does not exist, will try to launch prerun/default.bat
  Use overclock with caution

Per pools config (Advanced)

    – **This is for advanced users. Do not use if you do not know what you are doing.**
    – You can now set specific options per pool. For example, you can mine NiceHash on the internal wallet and other pools on a valid wallet. This configuration is provided as an example in ConfigPoolsConfig-NHInternal.json
      – Available options
        – Wallet = your wallet address
        – UserName = your MPH user name
        – WorkerName = your worker name
        – PricePenaltyFactor = See explanation below
      – Usage
        – The file ConfigPoolsConfig.json contains per pool configuration details. If a pool is listed in this file,
    the specific settings will be taken into account. If not, the setting for the entry name default will be used.
    **Do not delete the default entry.**
        – Edit ConfigPoolsConfig.json
        – Add an entry for the pool you want to customize
          – The name must be the NPlusMiner name for the pool. ie. for ahashpool, if you use Plus. The name is ahashpoolplus.
          – (**careful with json formating Wink**)
          – Best way is to duplicate the default entry
    – Note that the GUI only updates the default entry. Any other changes need to be done manualy

PricePenaltyFactor (Advanced)

    – When using advanced per pool configuration, it is possible to add a penalty factor for a specific pool. This simply adds as a multiplicator on estimations presented by the pool.
    – Example scenario
      – NiceHash as a 4% fee – Set PricePenaltyFactor to 0.96 (1-0.04)
      – You feel like a pool is exaggerating his estimations by 10% – Set PricePenaltyFactor to 0.9

BrainPlus – ahashpoolplus / zergpoolplus / zpoolplus / blazepoolplus / BlockMastersPlus / PhiPhiPoolPlus / StarPoolPlus / HashRefineryPlus

  Uses calculations based on 24hractual and currentestimate ahashpool prices to get more realistic estimate.
  Includes some trust index based on past 1hr currentestimate variation from 24hr.
  AND is NOT sensible to spikes.
  This shows less switching than following Current Estimate and more switching that following the 24hr Actual.
  Better profitability.

Pools variants

  24hr – uses last 24hour Actual API too request profit
     -Low switching rate
  plus – uses advanced calculations to maximize profit
     -**Best switching rate**
  normal – uses current estimate API too request profit
     -High switching rate

Earnings Tracking

  Displays BTC/H and BTC/D as well a estimation of when the pool payment threshold will be reached.
  Supported pools:
        miningpoolhub (partial)
  If mining more that one pools, shows stats for any supported pool
  Press key e in the console window to show/hide earnings

Support running multiple instances

  More than one instance of NPlusMiner can run on the same rig
  Each instance must be placed in it’s own directory
  Miner has to be started prior the launch of the next instance

Optional miners (Advanced)

  Some miners are not enabled by default in NPlusMiner for a variety of reasons
  A new folder can be found called “OptionalMiners” containing .ps1 files for some miners
  For advanced users, refer to OptionalMinersReadme.txt on how to use

Algo switching log

  Simple algo switching log in csv switching.log file found in Logs folder.
  You can easily track switching rate.

Console Display Options

  Use -UIStyle Light or -UIStyle Full in config.json
        Full = Usual display
        Light = Show only currently mining info (Default)
  UIStyle automaticaly swtiches to Full during benchmarking.

In session console display toggle

  Press key s in the window to switch between light and full display
  Press key e in the window to show/hide earnings
  Will toggle display at next refresh

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