Nvidia удалила блокировку LHR в последнем драйвере 522.25

Nvidia removed the LHR lock in the latest 522.25 driver

It seems that the latest video driver from Nvidia version 522.25, just released with support for the new Nvidia RTX 4090 GPUs, also comes with the LHR removed, so there is no longer a need to use a miner that unlocks the full performance of the GPU for mining (if you have an LHR video card that is). One could argue that after Ethereum moved to PoS and can no longer mine, this is reason enough for this move from Nvidia to remove the hash rate limiter on their RTX 30xx series GPUs. We tested the latest video drivers on RTX 3070 Ti GPUs with LHR locking using PhoenixMiner 5.9, which does not yet support any LHR unlocking, and they are mining at 80 MH/s. Other LHR-locked GPUs should also have full speeds without the need for a dedicated unlocking miner, although we have not been able to test and confirm other GPUs at this time.