Rigel 1.3.5. New NEXA Miner for Nvidia GPUs

An update to Rigel’s 1.3.5 miner was recently released, bringing it to the top of the list for NEXA mining performance after it briefly lost its lead with the recent lolMiner 1.67 release, which also brought significant hash rate improvements to the nexapow mining algorithm. In addition to performance/efficiency improvements, the new version also provides support for explicitly resetting blocked clocks.

However, users have noticed problems when using the new version for mining on Nvidia 4xxx series GPUs, so it is better to try the latest version lolMiner 1.67, at least until a fix is available.You can also try blocking the video memory to 5000 MHz, as this seems to provide optimal performance gains while saving energy, and reducing the video memory to a minimum results in a significant reduction of the hash rate. Even though the nexapow algorithm is more demanding on the GPU, it still requires some amount of video memory, so too low values to save power will not do any good.

An example of a configuration for launching a Rigel miner on NVIDIA RTX 3070 for Nexa

rigel.exe -a nexapow -o stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3124 -u YOUR_NEXA_WALLET --cclock 250 --lock-cclock 1750 --lock-mclock 5000

In the above example, be sure to replace “YOUR_NEXA_WALLET” with your protected address for NEXA. Here we set the GPU clock speed offset to 250 (you can try the 200-300 range to see what works best for you), the GPU clock speed is set to 1750 and the video memory clock speed is set to 5000 MHz. Feel free to experiment with the power limit and GPU clock speed, as 1750 MHz may be too much for a TDP limit of 120 watts, for example.

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