How to start mining Kaspa (KAS)?

How to start mining Kaspa (KAS)?

Ethereum mining comes to an end after the Ethereum 2.0 merger. Will this put an end to GPU mining? No, other GPU mined currencies such as Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin, Ergo, Flux, etc. will gain popularity among GPU miners. You should have been ready for the Ethereum pool if you are mining ETH on a GPU! Finding out which GPU currencies will be successful in the future will be really intriguing.

We have recently noticed that the price and difficulty of mining many new currencies such as Kaspa are skyrocketing. The Beginner’s Guide to Kaspa Mining will show you how.

Kaspa (KAS) is a brand new revolutionary PoW coin that is incredibly easy to mine on a GPU. But are Kaspa mining operations still economically viable and important today? Although mining Kaspa is now less profitable than mining other PoW currencies, it is still profitable. Since ETH mining is no longer possible, Kaspa (KAS) may have very good chances, even if mining has increased in difficulty recently and has become less profitable.

Kaspa explanations.

The GHOSTDAG/PHANTOM protocol is the backbone of the Kaspa Proof of Work (PoW) project. This is the first blockchain DAG project that supports the creation of parallel blocks and offers immediate confirmation of transactions. Based on the Proof of Work method, it is the fastest and most scalable first layer blockchain.

The project addresses the scalability issues faced by other PoW-based initiatives using the pioneering GHOSTDAG protocol. Transactions in Kaspa are transmitted to miners and quickly added to the ledger thanks to the GHOSTDAG protocol with a block interval of one second. The Kaspa network miner can currently process 1 block per second. It is expected that in the future the processing speed will be 10 or possibly 100 blocks per second. This is one of the fastest coins for PoW.

Kaspa has been unveiled as a decentralized initiative, wholly owned by the community by the end of 2021. There is no centralized administration, no commercial model, and the source code is completely open. The design philosophy is comparable to that of Bitcoin. The proof of work runs fairly, there are no pre-sales or pre-allocation of coins, the currency is deflationary, and there is no central authority.


1) Some of the benefits of Kaspa include fast confirmation, high throughput and decentralized mining. Its distinguishing feature is that it contributes to the fast speed of the blockchain while maintaining the maximum degree of security provided by PoW settings. Also, compared to other PoW networks, it consumes less power thanks to the efficient kHeavyHash Proof-of-Work algorithm. 2) Kaspa links all side chains while processing all blocks in parallel to solve the scalability issue that other blockchains face. It can produce and confirm multiple blocks per second while maintaining decentralization. 3) The main advantage of Kaspa is that transactions are fast and confirmations come in real time. Within one second, the transaction becomes visible on the network, and it takes ten seconds to check all its details. In order to stimulate the growth of the second layer of integration of smart contracts and DeFi protocols, this number is expected to increase significantly in the future.

Mining Kaspa.

The Ghost DAG protocol is used by a relatively young cryptocurrency known as Kaspa. Kaspa was growing at the time this was written. However, as with other coins for speculative mining, this will not always be the case. Please note that speculative mining comes with risks. It will pay off in the short term, but in the long term you may end up with an empty bag. Therefore, mining and cashing out, exchange or exchange for any money is preferable. We recommend mining, partially selling mining rewards, and never holding speculative currencies indefinitely.

Although it may not be profitable to mine Kaspa alone, you can do it using ETC. You can mine Kaspa on your own or with Ethereum Classic (ETC). In addition, you can mine Kaspa yourself thanks to the basic idea behind the protocol. You can mine blocks even with a single GPU with a low hash rate. On a public node or on your own node, you can mine alone. What should I mine after the broadcast?

In this guide, we will cover Kaspa (KAS) mining on AMD and NVIDIA GPUs only. Kaspa mining alone. How to mine Kaspa Coin (KAS) on a mining pool. Simultaneously mine Ethereum Classic ETC and KASPA. Creating a Kaspa Wallet, Finding a Kaspa Pool, and Using Profit Calculation Software.

Phantom Ghostdag clarification.

Blockchain technology was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the eponymous person who invented bitcoin. An open anonymous network of computers (known as miners), which guarantees the security of transactions, is the main idea of this technology. Blockchain is a system consisting of a chain of blocks, each of which contains a fresh set of transactions sent by network participants. The severely limited scalability of Satoshi’s idea is one of its key drawbacks.

Honest network operators need to know about each other’s blocks as soon as a block is created for the Bitcoin protocol to be secure. As a result, network bandwidth is inadvertently reduced to propagate blocks until later blocks have finished mining. There are several separate blocks that suddenly “fork” the network.

Phantom is a direct generalization of the open-chain block graph of the Bitcoin protocol that uses the blockchain’s permissionless PoW consensus method (blockDAG). This solves the blockDAG optimization problem to distinguish between good and bad blocks. As a result, blockDAG gets a reliable set of instructions that are mutually compatible with all ethical miners. To solve the computational problem, it is necessary to use the greedy GHOSTDAG algorithm, which establishes the order of the blocks and provides an exponential impossibility of reversing over time in order to resolve the PHANTOM. Kaspa is based on the GHOSTDAG protocol as its core technology.

Mining specifications.

The fastest currency that can be mined in PoW is kaspa. On the DAG network of this blockchain, decentralized mining is possible, which also supports efficient solo mining at low hash rates.

This currency offers additional benefits compared to most currencies produced by PoW mining. Kaspa can be mined with other PoW currencies. Not all, but Kaspa can be mined by two people using memory-intensive currencies like ETC, Ergo, etc because it depends on the core. But note that mining two coins requires more energy than mining one coin.

Total 28.7 billion KAS. It works on an annual halving of the release schedule. These are requirements.

1) 28.5 billion KAS is the maximum reserve. 2) 415 KAS is the current block reward. 3) Supply in circulation: 12.97 billion KAS. 4) DAG block, Proof-of-Work consensus. 5) KHeavyHash – hashing algorithm. 6) ticker KAS. 7) Block duration: one second. 8) Launch date: November 7, 2021 (no premining, no presale, no dedicated coins).

What is needed for mining.

There are two options for purchasing KAS tokens. Mining: You can create a mining node or join a mining pool to participate in mining Kaspa coins. In exchange, you receive a reward in the form of KAS tokens. In addition, you can buy Kaspa tokens on exchanges. Do your own research before deciding if you want to mine or buy them.

Here we will cover what you need to start mining with Kaspa GPU and provide a guide to GPU mining. First, we hope you have one of the Kaspa mining GPUs mentioned above. Once you have the necessary equipment, you must purchase a Kaspa wallet in order to mine Kaspa, whether you want to do it alone or with a partner.

The best video card for mining.

The HeavyHash algorithm, which is a slightly modified version of kHeavyHash, provides the foundation for Kaspa Proof of Work mining. kHeavyHash is dominated by the core, but is energy efficient. GPUs can be used for successful mining. It can withstand ASIC and other advanced mining hardware. But efficient mining of Kaspa requires the latest generation of graphics hardware.

Shown here are the most productive and efficient Kaspa mining cards.

RTX 3060ti500 MH/s
RTX 3070500 MH/s
RTX 3080800 MH/s
RTX 3080 LHR800 MH/s
RTX 3080ti850 MH/s
RTX 30901000 MH/s
RX 6500xt240 MH/s
6600xt400 MH/s
6700xt500 MH/s
6800xt850 MH/s
6900xt1040 MH/s

Kaspa wallet.

To be rewarded for mining and holding KAS, you need to have a KAS address and a Kaspa wallet. Kaspa Web Wallet, Desktop Wallet and Command Line Wallet are the three types of wallets currently on offer.

Setting up and using the wallet.

The simplicity and high level of security of the Kaspa wallet have been recognized. It uses the Bitcore network and has various levels of security, including hardware wallet compatibility, two-factor authentication (2FA), multisigma, and support for multi-signature algorithms. The wallet is known for its simple user interface, which makes it ideal for beginners. It is also a complete wallet that allows users to control transactions and control their bitcoin holdings. There are currently three categories of Kaspa wallets:

1) Kaspa web wallet 2) Computer wallet (PC) 3) Kaspa command line wallet

The Kaspa online wallet will be the focus of this guide as it is the most widely used and available.

1) Access to the Kaspa wallet.

You must first access your Kaspa wallet before you can set it up and use it. Visit the Kaspa wallet website by clicking here.

2) Create a new wallet.

Select “Create a new wallet” if you are a new Kaspa wallet user. You will be prompted to set a password for your wallet in a new window that appears.

When you create and confirm a password, you will receive a 12-word backup phrase. Some of the basic terms will be confirmed again with you. After that, the landing page of your wallet will be available; one example is shown below.

Be aware that mismanaging your backup phrase can result in your money being stolen.

Wallet features.

The main features of the Kaspa wallet that make it different from other wallets are listed below:

1) Intuitive user interface, simple enough for beginners. 2) The feature that allows you to perform automatic transactions is the automatic recharge feature. 3) Users can access their original phrase by entering their password when using the original phrase backup option. 4) Use the recovery from seed function to get your wallet and money back. To do this, you must provide a workable 12-word fallback phrase. 5) The Export wallet source file (KPK) function exports the source file of an existing Kaspa wallet. 6) Find the source file on your local drive and import the wallet source file (KPK) to import the entire account.


The price of cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile and subject to market risk. Also, currencies with small market caps, such as KAS, are more susceptible to large price fluctuations.

So keep in mind to do your own research and invest only as much as you can live on given the volatility of cryptocurrencies. While it can be difficult to accurately predict the future, some analysts believe that there is a strong possibility that Kaspa will prosper and become the most trusted PoW system in the cryptocurrency industry.

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