BFGMiner 5.5.0: cryptocurrency miner CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASIC (Linux & Windows)

BFGMiner 5.5.0: CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASIC mining software, GBT+Stratum, RPC, Linux/Win64

Announcing BFGMiner 5.5, the modular cryptocurrency miner written in C. BFGMiner features dynamic clocking, monitoring, and remote interface capabilities. “St. Barbara’s Faithfully Glorified Mining Initiative Naturally Exceeding Rivals”, or just basically a freaking good miner. This code is provided entirely free of charge by the programmer, so donations would be greatly appreciated.

Download BFGMiner v5.5.0

If you find a bug or have a suggestion, please check to see if it’s already been reported and, if not, report it.
Help can also be obtained (or provided) by joining the support mailing list or IRC: #eligius

Do NOT send me a private message directly, as I will ignore your message. I only provide support in public, so that others may benefit from the answer too. (An exception is if you want to pay me for direct support. In that case, please say so in your message.)


Also, please note that this thread is for discussion of BFGMiner, its features and bugs – if you feel the need to troll or talk off-topic, start another forum thread (and PM me with it if you want my attention).

If you want to help develop BFGMiner, the best way to get in touch with us is on IRC.
We also have a development mailing list, mainly used to pre-announce upcoming releases for third-party packagers.

If you would like to be notified of new versions, please join the announcement mailing list.

Latest release: 5.5.0 (announcement & changes)

  • Arch: pacman -S bfgminer
  • Debian: aptitude install bfgminer
  • Gentoo: emerge bfgminer (consider accepting ~arch and/or adding the bitcoin overlay to get the latest version)
  • OpenWrt: opkg repository (sig + PGP key)
  • Ubuntu: apt-get install bfgminer (install the BFGMiner PPA for the latest version)
  • Source code: git | txz | zip

Stable release: 4.10.6

Archive of all official release source & binaries


Sample output:

 bfgminer version 5.5.0 - Started: [2014-06-10 20:13:01] - [  0 days 06:15:32]
 [M]anage devices [P]ool management [S]ettings [D]isplay options  [H]elp [Q]uit
 Pool 0:  Diff:128  +Strtm  LU:[02:28:32]  User:1QATWksNFGeUJCWBrN4g6hGM178Lovm7Wh
 Block #305190: ...6e8ba4d9  Diff:11.8G (84.16P)  Started: [02:07:22]  I:1.04mBTC/hr
 ST:156  F:0  NB:31  AS:0  BW:[269/ 12 B/s]  E:1127.28  BS:21.8M
 5/24   63.0C | 94.10/98.68/95.60Gh/s | A:1974 R:2+2(.20%) HW:5729/2.6%
 BFL 0: 54.0C |  8.11/ 8.10/ 7.65Gh/s | A:  62 R:1+2(4.6%) HW: 273/1.3%
 HBR 0: 63.0C | 22.91/22.85/21.55Gh/s | A: 208 R:0+0(none) HW:3022/5.4%
 TBF 0: 28.0C |  5.13/ 5.10/ 4.89Gh/s | A:  49 R:0+0(none) HW: 331/4.5%
 PXY 0:       | 27.85/30.23/29.84Gh/s | A: 358 R:1+0(.28%) HW: 450/1.0%
 RKM 0: 40.0C | 30.10/32.40/31.67Gh/s | A:1297 R:0+0(none) HW:1653/.92%
 [2014-06-11 02:28:10] Accepted 00c819ef HBR 0d Diff 327/255
 [2014-06-10 02:28:13] Accepted 012058dd PXY 0  Diff 227/128
 [2014-06-11 02:28:15] Accepted 01778be1 RKM 0b Diff 174/128

Pool menu:

0: Enabled  Strtm Quota 1 Pool 0: stratum+tcp://  User:1QATWksNFGeUJCWBrN4g6hGM178Lovm7Wh
1: Disabled GWork Quota 1 Pool 1:  User:x

Current pool management strategy: Load Balance
[A]dd pool [R]emove pool [D]isable pool [E]nable pool
[C]hange management strategy [S]witch pool [I]nformation
Or press any other key to continue

Device management menu:

Select processor to manage using up/down arrow keys
 MMQ 0d: 41.0°C │ 194.0/190.9/32.98Mh/s │ A:   4 R:0+0(none) HW: 0/none
  ModMiner LJRalpha  from BTCFPGA
Serial: 19191F145358077D4FAADA7AF5000004
Clock speed: 194

[D]isable [C]lock speed
Or press Enter when done
Select processor to manage using up/down arrow keys
 OCL 0 : 77.0C | 272.2/272.2/265.7Mh/s | A:2992 R:13+0(.43%) HW:0/none
I:10  F: 69% (2655 RPM)  E: 765 MHz  M: 1000 MHz  V: 1.088V  A: 99%  P: 0%
Last initialised: [2013-07-08 05:33:26]
Thread 0: 90.9 Mh/s Enabled ALIVE
Thread 1: 90.6 Mh/s Enabled ALIVE
Thread 2: 90.8 Mh/s Enabled ALIVE

[D]isable [I]ntensity [R]estart GPU [C]hange settings
Or press Enter when done

Change GPU settings menu:

Temp: 72.0 C
Fan Speed: 50% (4489 RPM)
Engine Clock: 950 MHz
Memory Clock: 825 Mhz
Vddc: 1.175 V
Activity: 99%
Powertune: 20%
Fan autotune is enabled (0-85)
GPU engine clock autotune is enabled (880-950)
Change [A]utomatic [E]ngine [F]an [M]emory [V]oltage [P]owertune
Or press any other key to continue

Settings menu:

[L]ongpoll: On
[Q]ueue: 0
[S]cantime: 60
[E]xpiry: 120
[R]etries: -1
[W]rite config file
[B]FGMiner restart
Select an option or any other key to return

Display menu:

[N]ormal [C]lear [S]ilent mode (disable all output)
[R]PC debug:off
[W]orkTime details:off
su[M]mary detail level:devices
[L]og interval:20
S[T]atistical counts: absolute
[Z]ero statistics
Select an option or any other key to return

On exiting:

Summary of runtime statistics:

Started at [2011-07-19 14:40:09]
Runtime: 2 hrs : 31 mins : 18 secs
Average hashrate: 1680.1 Megahash/s
Solved blocks: 0
Best share difficulty: 49
Share submissions: 3489
Accepted shares: 3489
Rejected shares: 0 + 9 stale (0.00%)
Accepted difficulty shares: 32
Rejected difficulty shares: 0
Hardware errors: 3
Efficiency (accepted shares * difficulty / 2 KB): 0.05
Utility (accepted shares / min): 34.26/min

Unable to get work from server occasions: 16
Work items generated locally: 330
Submitting work remotely delay occasions: 33
New blocks detected on network: 10

 Share submissions: 3426
 Accepted shares: 3426
 Rejected shares: 0 + 0 stale (0.00%)
 Accepted difficulty shares: 31
 Rejected difficulty shares: 0
 Efficiency (accepted * difficulty / 2 KB): 0.08
 Unable to get work from server occasions: 0
 Submitting work remotely delay occasions: 0

Summary of per device statistics:

 ICA 0:       | 375.9/376.0/349.5Mh/s | A: 487 R:4+0(none) HW:  0/none
 MMQ 0: 46.0C | 629.9/632.0/526.8Mh/s | A: 734 R:0+0(none) HW:196/none
 XBS 0: 46.9C | 392.0/397.8/398.3Mh/s | A: 555 R:0+0(none) HW: 57/none
 ZTX 0:       | 198.6/198.5/190.2Mh/s | A: 265 R:0+0(none) HW: 95/none
 ZTX 1:       | 855.0/848.7/825.3Mh/s | A:1150 R:4+0(none) HW:176/none

GUI frontend: MultiMiner

Bare-metal operating systems with BFGMiner:

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