ETHPoW Mining Guide. How to mine Ethereum forks?

Multiple transfers of the transition of Ethereum to a new algorithm, which gave reason to believe that the event would never take place, still did not prevent The Merge from taking place. As a result, the possibility of mining ether disappeared. But its fork appeared, EthereumPoW, to which the community is currently very skeptical and even suspicious. Let’s figure out whether to trust such innovations!

lolminer 1.24a

lolMiner 1.24a (AMD/NVIDIA): Download and Configure for Windows & Linux.

lolMiner 1.22 – 1.24 – these are only Linux releases that aim to improve the performance of zombie mode in Linux-specific code. Therefore, version 1.21 released yesterday will remain the last version for Windows. Miners who do not have a map using zombie mode can safely ignore this update – it will behave identically to 1.21.
Bug fixes (since version 1.24)