Jaxx Wallet – Wallet review and guide for beginners.

Jaxx Wallet – Wallet review and guide for beginners.

Jaxx is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for computers and mobile devices.

All users working with cryptocurrencies want to safely store and effectively manage their own capital. With the modern development of blockchain technologies and the actively expanding cryptocurrency market, it is not difficult to find a convenient, functional, simple option for storing digital coins. There are some noteworthy wallets for cryptocurrencies, and the Jaxx wallet is a great example of this.

The Jaxx project is a modern, popular, multi-currency vault that has gained an excellent reputation in many basic areas. Its versatility makes it easy to pay for acquisition services, store crypto capital, and also profitably convert digital money.

What is interesting about the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet? What are the features of this repository? Why is it convenient and profitable to use them? The editors of Profinvestment.com considered in detail the whole mass of such issues, analyzed in detail all aspects related to the wallet for Jaxx cryptocoins.

What is interesting about the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet? What are the features of this repository? Why is it convenient and profitable to use them? The editors of Profinvestment.com considered in detail the whole mass of such issues, analyzed in detail all aspects related to the wallet for Jaxx cryptocoins.

What is interesting about the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet? What are the features of this repository? Why is it convenient and profitable to use them? The editors of Profinvestment.com considered in detail the whole mass of such issues, analyzed in detail all aspects related to the wallet for Jaxx cryptocoins.

Jaxx Wallet Features

The Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet is popular due to a set of interesting features:

1. A large list of cryptocurrencies supported by the system. This, of course, is bitcoin, and various altcoins. A fairly large part of the list is occupied by rare little-known tokens, for example, Creditbit, Matchpool, Musiconomi, Melon, etc. But all the top cryptocurrencies are also available.

2. Cross-platform Jaxx wallet. You can use the storage from different devices that have the appropriate version of the cryptocurrency wallet: a desktop program (the most convenient option for a PC on Linux / Windows systems), a browser extension for Chrome, a mobile application for iOS / Android systems.

Integrated exchanger ShapeShift. You can convert digital coins immediately from the storage without going separately to cryptocurrency exchanges or specialized online services.

Installing Jaxx and getting seed

To use the capabilities of the wallet for Jaxx crypto coins, you need to install it. You need to follow a simple sequence of actions:

On the base page of the official website of the jaxx.io project, select the required version in the “Downloads” section (desktop versions are displayed by clicking the appropriate button).

Jaxx – version selection Download file to device. Run an automatic installation using program recommendations. The operating system or antivirus may prohibit the file – you need to ignore their recommendations. Select the option to create a new wallet. Select the desired interface language. Previously, only English was available in Jaxx, but today there are 8 options, including Russian. Examine the safety tips and check the box to confirm that you have done so.

Jaxx – confirmation of information Then confirm other informational messages with ticks as well. In particular, about the purpose and importance of the seed phrase. The phrase cannot be transferred to anyone and must be stored offline, in the most reliable way. Everything is ready – the wallet is created. However, do not rush to start using it. First you need to extract and save the seed phrase.

Go to the settings (three bars in the upper right corner), and then to the “Security” section.

Click View Backup Phrase. Confirm with a checkmark that no one but you is currently looking at the screen, and click “Get a backup phrase.”

It will immediately appear in front of you along with a QR code that can be used to link other devices (for example, if you want to use the same wallet from your PC and phone).

Jaxx – seed phrase Write down the received phrase on paper and store in a safe place. Do not upload it anywhere on the Internet. Never pass it on to anyone. Anyone who asks you for a seed is a scammer. Developers of exchanges, wallets, and other services do not need it.

The seed phrase is the only way to completely restore the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet. Without it, crypto money and the vault itself will be irretrievably lost.

Here, in the security section, you can restore the wallet from the backup phrase if access to it has been lost.

Jaxx wallet interface

Jaxx – general view of the interface Let’s analyze the key elements of the Jaxx interface. Below in the list are the sections of the bottom menu – most of them are also represented by blocks on the main page:

“Wallets”. If you go to it and click “Edit”, you can add the necessary coins from the available ones or remove those that are not of interest from the list. For each coin, the current balance is displayed, including in fiat currency. “Positions”. Information about the full value of your crypto portfolio and its changes. “Pricing”. It contains information about the market situation. Buy/Trade. Buy – buying cryptocurrency from the card through Simplex. Not available for all currencies. Trade is a built-in exchanger of one cryptocurrency for another. “News”. News feed of the cryptoworld in English. “Awards”. Here, probably in the future, rewards will be distributed to users in JXX tokens, which we will talk about later. But now from here you can only create an account using email. “Researcher”. It is an explorer for all supported blockchains. It works like any other browser – enter the wallet address or transaction ID, see information on them.

Jaxx Wallet Settings

By pressing the three bars on the main screen, in the upper right corner, you will access the settings. With their help, you can:

Set a security password that will strengthen the encryption of the backup phrase. This password cannot be restored in case of loss, you will need to restore the wallet using seed.

In case you’re wondering, the Jaxx wallet stores all core files at:C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Programs\jaxx

And no, it does not download the entire blockchain, instead it works by connecting directly to the chain, similar to electrum.

Using a Jaxx wallet

When we opened the Jaxx wallet, the first thing we noticed was its great design. The design is minimalist, the interface is awesome, and overall it’s easy to get started with. Anyone can easily understand and even if you didn’t follow any step during installation, you can go ahead and start over without losing your current settings.

Jaxx wallet interface

From the main screen, you can navigate through your favorite coins, view your wallet address, check your balance and transaction history. On the same screen, you have the option to send coins to another address and even exchange one cryptocurrency for another using the built-in ShapeShift integration.

Even though the wallet interface is minimal, that doesn’t mean that Jaxx doesn’t provide advanced features. It is, and to access them, all you need to do is press the menu button located in the upper right corner of the wallet. The functions you can find in this menu are:

  • Adding a new wallet address.
  • Possibility to choose Fiat currency for different exchange rates.
  • Wallet backup, private key display, device pairing.
  • Transferring a paper wallet or importing funds using private keys.
  • Setting the commission for bitcoin mining.
  • Setting up a two-factor PIN for your wallet.

How to create a wallet address? Adding new coins

If you failed to add your favorite coin during setup, click the menu button and go to wallets. You will find a list of all supported cryptocurrencies. Check the coin / token you want to add and the address will be created for you instantly. Also, the wallets highlighted in yellow are test network wallets, so be careful when sending funds.

Supported cryptocurrencies in Jaxx

Security features: Jaxx backup, private keys, and setting a security PIN.

1. To back up your wallet, go to Menu >> Tools >> Backup Wallet and click View Backup Wallet. Enter your PIN if prompted and it will display a QR code and a 12-word backup phrase, which is a string of random words. Copy this passphrase, which will be needed in case of wallet recovery. Plus, this fallback phrase is all you need to pair your devices and use your Jaxx wallet on another platform.

2. To export the private keys of your wallet address, go to Menu >> Tools >> show private keys . Enter your PIN if prompted and proceed to select the coin for which you would like to export the private keys. This key is important for importing the Jaxx wallet into other wallets like QT or Electrum.

Export private keys to Jaxx

3. Two-factor protection or PIN security is a very important step to take for any cryptocurrency wallet. If you fail to set it up, chances are your funds will be compromised. While Jaxx does not have a two-factor authenticator, it does have a 4-digit PIN, and to set it up, go to Tools >> Configure Security PIN . Be sure to remember this PIN and do not share it with anyone, as it gives you access to your wallet and funds.

Sending and receiving coins in Jaxx

Sending and receiving coins are almost identical, as they are a basic feature and can be found in any wallet. The send and receive options can be found on the main screen of the Jaxx Wallet. To send coins from Jaxx, first select the coin you want to send. Then click the “Send” tab, enter your wallet address, select the amount to send, and click “Send”. You will now see a pop-up window asking you to enter your security PIN. If everything is OK, enter your PIN and confirm the sending.

Sending coins with Jaxx wallet

The process of getting coins to your wallet address is also the same. First, select a currency from the top navigation, go to the Receive tab, enter the amount of coins you want to receive, and click Generate. It will generate your wallet address and QR code along with the specified amount. Share this page or information with the person you want to receive coins from.

Summing up about Jaxx Wallet

Обзор кошелька Jaxx

Jaxx is a free open source bitcoin and altcoin wallet with which is perfect for for beginners. It offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including the world’s leading cryptocurrencies. You can easily access your wallet day in and day out by simply opening the app from any installed device. It does not collect your personal information, login or registration data and ensures complete privacy. It will instantly display your balance without the need to sync with the blockchain. What’s more, the wallet has trading that allows you to easily exchange between coins.

This wallet works as it should, it has a decent security factor, and in addition, their support team is fast. All questions related to support and the wallet are resolved through the ticket system. There is also a FAQ page , which answers most questions related to the Jaxx wallet. While the features and technical support are good, it will never compare to hardware cold storage wallets, especially in terms of security. Having said that, keep in mind that it is a hot wallet, so it is not the right place to store large amounts of coins.

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