Mobox (MBOX): What is veMBOX and how do I get MysteryBox?

Whether you are new to our platform or have been working with it for some time, you may be wondering what is veMBOX?

The veMBOX will give you a weight boost when you farm MBOX in CRATES, the maximum boost you can get when farming MBOX is 3x.

veMBOX increases your weight in a pool. For example, your weight in a certain pool is 1%. You can bet a certain number of MBOXes to get a 3x increase in your weight, which will cause other users to lose weight. As you increase the number of MBOXes, you may need to place more bets to maintain your 3x increase.

veMBOX also gives you the important right to vote for the development of the MOBOX platform.

For every pool you put in CRATES on NFT Farmer, you will need to contribute a veMBOX to get a booster for that pool.

How to make a deposit to the pool

Just click on the veMBOX logo in the boxes where you are currently bidding, as shown below.

A new pop-up window will now appear.

On this screen, simply select how long you want to freeze your mbox tokens for veMBOX. It’s a sliding scale, the longer you keep the MBOX, the more it converts to veMBOX tokens. To put this in perspective, if you freeze your MOBOX for 3 years, you will need much less MOBOX than if you put them in for 7 days.

In the above screen, the highlighted square in red shows how many MBOXes you need to bet to get a 3x increase in the pool in the crate section. Depending on how many you bet on CRATES, everyone will have a different amount needed to get the 3x increase. As you increase the number of MBOXes, you may have to bet more to maintain the 3x booster.

«Super» Mystery Box Raffle

To participate in the weekly draws of “super” Mystery Box, you need to have at least 3000 veMBOX. (regular drawing does not require veMBOX.)

The table above shows the number of Vembox you have and the number of tickets that you can purchase at Super raffle.
All MBOX that you used for this draw and could not get Mystery Box are returned to you. Just click on the blue button “participate” and take your MBOX.

To read the complete drawing rules, simply click on the yellow icon ” ? “and a pop-up window will appear, like the one pictured above.

Gemstone Lottery

If you want to participate in the GEM lottery, you must have a minimum number of veMBOXes to participate in the veMBOX portion of the draw.

For the complete GEM lottery rules, click on ” ? “

Below is a table that shows how many gem tickets you can get depending on the number of veMBOXes you have.

Answer to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sell my veMBOX?

NO, veMBOXes are not traded and CANNOT BE SOLD!

  • Can I withdraw my LP tokens if I have frozen my MBOX?

Yes, you can still withdraw your LPs at your convenience.

  • Does this mean I will get 3 x APY?

No, you will not get 3 x APY. You will simply increase your weight, which will cause other users, especially those who don’t have the veMBOX, to lose weight.

  • When can I pick up my MBOX?

Once the timer counts down, you can pick up your MOBOX.

  • Can everyone get a 3x boost?

Everyone who bets in your pool can participate in a x3 raise.

  • I made a bet x3, but after a while it shows less than x3?

This means that the pool share has increased, so if you want to continue to get 3x the KEY income, you will need to contribute more MBOX.

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