ZilPay Wallet Manual

ZilPay – is a browser extension that can be used in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave. ZilPay allows you to connect to the Zillqa blockchain without running a full-fledged node. Because ZilPay provides a connection between the browser and the blockchain, it simplifies the use of Zilliqa and allows users to run Zilliqa applications directly in the browser.

In addition, developers can integrate smart contract calls, allowing the wallet to work directly with dApps. This makes it much easier for developers to work with the Zilliqa blockchain.

Install ZILPay

Go to the ZilPay website where you will be able to download a browser extension. This will give you access to the wallet menu which will allow you to create a ZILPay wallet.

Install ZILPay :

Creating a wallet

After installing the extension, the window shown below will appear in your browser. Here you can create a wallet by clicking on the field labeled “CREATE”.

Wallet Recovery

The following window will then appear on the screen. This displays a 12-word recovery phrase. It is highly recommended that you make a physical hard copy of these phrases, which should be kept in a safe place. The phrases are order sensitive, i.e. they should be written in the order in which they appear on the screen.

This is the main page of ZILPay wallet. It is a very simple layout that allows you to visually see the current ZIL balance on the wallet and the history of recent transactions.

Sending and receiving

At the bottom of the home page are the options to send and receive ZIL.

If you click on the submit option, a menu window will appear as shown below.

In the “Enter Address” field, enter the address of the wallet to which you are sending ZIL. An example of how it will look like is shown below.

Clicking the “Continue” button will take you to the next step, which is shown below. You can enter the amount of ZIL you want to send.

By clicking on the “Get” tab at the bottom of the home page, you will see your ZIL wallet address as shown below.

We strongly recommend that you always copy and paste your wallet address if you give it to people, as typing it in can cause errors. If you want ZIL to be sent to your wallet, you need to give that wallet address to the person who sends it to you.


At the bottom of the page you can also go to the contact page. Here you can save wallet addresses for quick transactions, as you won’t have to type in the wallet address every time, as it will already be saved.

By clicking on the blue plus sign in the bottom right corner, you can add a new contact. You can then add the contact’s details such as their name and wallet address.

We recommend checking with the recipient each time before sending to see if their wallet address has changed, as this may result in the loss of your ZIL.


The third menu item is the token page. As shown below, here you can view all supported tokens and their balances in the wallet.

Buying cryptocurrency and sending it to your wallet

To place an order to buy cryptocurrency, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the cryptocurrency you would like to purchase and enter the amount you would like to spend to buy the coin.
  2. In the “Your wallet information” field, enter the address of the cryptocurrency wallet to which you want to receive cryptocurrency.
  3. Finalize your order and make payment to our account.

Once you have double checked your order and wallet information, click the “Next Step” button to continue.

ZILPay Wallet Overview


  • Convenience of use is achieved by the strip backing plate
  • Contact function allows for quick transactions


  • Supports only ZIL and tokens of its network
  • Doesn’t provide the same security as a cold wallet
  • Not suitable for storing significant amounts of money

ZilPay – is a great wallet to use if you are interested in buying relatively small amounts of ZIL. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with how cryptocurrencies are sent and accepted, as the interface is very simple in function and aesthetics.
However, if you want to store a significant amount of ZIL, then a cold wallet is the best option. This is because the security features of a cold wallet are much more substantial compared to an online wallet.

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