NPlusMiner 8.3.1 – Download, Settings, Algorithms

What is NPlus Miner?

NPlusMiner is a program that monitors mining pools in real time to find the most profitable algorithm. It is a computer program with a user interface (GUI) that simplifies the use of mining software, making it accessible to any user. The platform has an application for Windows that allows you to use the computing power of your computer to receive cryptocurrency.

Developer Fee – DevFee is 16 minutes per day (1%). The developers are doing their best to make NPlusminer your best tool. The program has a fair system of distribution of rewards among participants.

There is no Linux version. The miner also supports a web interface.

How to set up NPlusMiner

Step 1 – Download the miner

Download the release directly from the NPlusMiner GitHub repository.

  1. Navigate to the Releases section on GitHub.
  2. In the Assets drop-down list, find the latest version.
  3. Extract the downloaded archive. It’s better to use WinRAR to extract the archive.

Step 2 – Set up NPlusMiner

After unpacking, the miner will most likely be updated the first time you open it. Launch the NPlusMiner shortcut.


When launched, the program will open a CMD window with the text about the license agreement:


Next, a window with PowerShell will open. For the program to work, you need to click “Yes”.


After that, you need to wait until the program is installed on your computer.


Please wait and answer “yes” to install if prompted.

Log in to your wallet on a cryptocurrency exchange and create an address to receive the coin you want to mine.

  1. Wallet Address – enter your recipient address (wallet).
  2. Payout Currency – select a coin for a reward.

Step 3 – Run the miner

The third step is to run the program. Click on the “Start” button on the right. The miner will start testing your system. It took about 1 hour to test all the algorithms that work best for our computer.


You can configure the configuration both in the program itself and in the config.json file.

Settings example:

MPH UserNamemrplus
GPU Count1

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