BzMiner 12.2.0 (LHR): Download and configure for mining ETH, ETC, RVN

BzMiner 12.2.0 (LHR): Download and configure for mining ETH, ETC, RVN

This guide covers how to run and use BzMiner latest version v12.2.0 and above. BzMiner is a miner with a command line interface. It is started with a .bat file or a config.txt configuration file. Supports three algorithms: Ethash for Ethereum mining, etchash for Ethereum Classic mining, and Kawpow for Ravencoin. The program integrates into HiveOS and MMPOS. Auto Intensity dynamically adjusts graphics card workloads to reduce latency while maintaining a high hashrate. Commission: Devfee of this miner is only 0.5%.

What’s in this v12.2.0 release

  • Improved Kaspa hashrate
  • Improved hashrate Ergo + Kaspa
  • Improved Zil oc switch stability.
  • Optimized CPU cycle (along with support for other algorithms)
  • DEFAULT KASPA COMMUNITY FUND ADDED (can be disabled with the disable_community_fund option)
  • Temporarily disabled Intel GPUs for this release.
  • Blockchain board renamed to community fund.
  • Added k1pool kaspa + zil to script files
  • Added to script files for kaspa
  • Fixed Kaspa’s solo on the pool
  • Fixed k1poolzil (option force_algo2)
  • Fixed “oc_delay_ms” in config.txt constantly adding values on every run.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Kaspa to reject promotions for AMD.
  • Fixed an issue where Zil pools other than ZMP were intermittently disabled.
  • Fixed power limit issue
  • Fixed a bug due to which Radiant on AMD did not mine
  • Fixed Etc/Ethw algorithms on AMD.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate radiant Shares


  • At least one Nvidia GPU and Nvidia drivers
  • Or at least one AMD GPU and AMD drivers.
  • Windows or Linux.
  • Windows:
    • Requires Nvidia drivers supporting Cuda 11.2 or greater (Nvidia driver >= 460.27.03)
  • Linux:
    • Nvidia driver >= 460.27.03
  • Linux (Ubuntu 16.04):
    • Ubuntu 16.04 or higher
    • Cuda 11.2
    • Nvidia driver >= 495.29.05

Why use BzMiner?

  • Stable 100% Unlock LHR v1! (Tested on Windows/Linux drivers 465-511, see below)
  • Поддерживаемые алгоритмы (по умолчанию 0,5% комиссии за разработку)
    • Ethw (AMD, Nvidia)
    • Etchash (AMD, Nvidia)
    • Ergo (AMD, Nvidia)
    • Rvn (AMD, Nvidia)
    • Neoxa (AMD, Nvidia)
    • Olhash (AMD, Nvidia, 1% dev fee)
    • Alephium (AMD, Nvidia)
    • Kaspa (AMD, Nvidia, 1% dev fee, +1% community fund (optional, can be disabled with disable_community_fund option)
    • Radiant (AMD, Nvidia, 1% dev fee)
    • Ixian (AMD, Nvidia, 1% dev fee, Not optimized for ubuntu 16.04)
    • Woodcoin (AMD, Nvidia, 1% dev fee, use config “algo_opt” to move some processing to cpu)
    • Zil (AMD, Nvidia, 0% dev fee)
    • Meowcoin (AMD, Nvidia)
  • Optimized dual mining for specific coins:
    • Ethw + Alph (Nvidia only, experimental)
    • Ethw + Kaspa (Nvidia only, experimental)
    • Ethw + Radiant (Nvidia only, experimental)
    • Etc + Alph (Nvidia only, experimental)
    • Etc + Kaspa (Nvidia only, experimental)
    • Etc + Radiant (Nvidia only, experimental)
    • Ergo + Kaspa (Nvidia only, experimental)
    • Ergo + Radiant (Nvidia only, experimental)
  • Low development fee 0.5%
  • Supports Chinese (use the --lang cn option)
  • Console inputs in real time!
  • Notifications for core temperature, memory temperature and power limit (slow down)
  • Monitoring Nvidia GPU Memory Temperature in Linux and Windows
  • Improved LHR strategy for dual/multi-coin mining (ethash+kawpow, ethash+ol, ethash+alph)
  • Multi-coin mining supports three different strategies; Parallel mining, alternative mining, mining only DAG gen
  • Can be accelerated according to the algorithm when alternating the extraction of several coins
  • Install the Overclocks PER algorithm for multiple mines!
  • Management algorithm / mining pool / wallet PER device, as well as mining multiple coins on a single GPU
  • Surprisingly easy to use miner for Linux and Windows (GUI accessible via browser)
  • Stuck GPU detection
  • Watchdog service that automatically restarts BzMiner if something goes wrong (e.g. a hung GPU)
  • Customizable display
  • Memory transition temperature monitoring (Windows only)
  • Remotely manage all the miners on your network
  • Fast miner Cuda v11 and OpenCL
  • Constantly improving based on feedback from you!
  • OC capability in miner (OCs are removed during DAG generation to prevent invalid DAG generation)
  • Advanced mining features including cooldown, power up, dual/multi coin mining
  • DAG check for cards with very high OC
  • Automatic intensity, dynamically adjusting GPU workloads, reducing stale data while maintaining a high hashrate.
  • Ubuntu 16.04 support
  • Tuning GDDR5 memory (--oc_mem_tweak). Levels 1–3
  • TBS Watchdog (monitors time since last exchange and resets gpu/reconnects to pools if too long)

100% LHR Unlock v1

BzMiner v9.1.0 introduced a 100% LHR unlocker that was only semi-stable. v9.1.3 has much higher stability and hash rate. If the card becomes unstable (e.g. lhr exception), reduce overclocking and reduce --lhr_stability.

--lhr_stability – affects both the hash rate and the stability of the LHR unlock. Higher values will increase the hash rate but may crash the GPU. Lower values are more stable, but may cause LHR to trigger instantly, which will lower the hashrate a bit. Play with it.

To disable LHR unlock, set --lhr_stability to 0. Default is 100.

Unlocking the LHR can sometimes cause an “LHR exception”. In this case, reduce the value of the --lhr_stability parameter. This “exception” will allow the device to continue mining, but at a much slower rate. Recovery requires a hard reboot of the device, which means rebooting the computer. BzMiner provides a --lhr_exception option that, if set to true and an LHR exception occurs on the map, will restart the machine.

Mining OS including BzMiner

How to set up BzMiner

Step 1 – Download miner

Download the miner from two official sources to choose from:

  • on the official website:
  • or from GitHub:
  1. go to site. Find the “Releases” section and below “Assets”:
  2. Download the latest version from above table for Windows 10.
  3. Unpack the downloaded archive.

Step 2 – Set up BzMiner

After extracting the archive, you need to create .bat files.


In the same folder as bzminer.exe, you need to create or modify an existing file with a .bat extension.

Just create a .txt file and give it a .bat extension.

Open the .bat file with Notepad. Below is an example configuration for a Binance pool. You need to enter the following commands into it:

bzminer -a ethash -w username1 -p ethproxy+tcp://

Instead of username1, just enter your username from the Binance pool.

Step 3 – Run the miner

Now you need to start the miner.

Important note! You are not running bzminer.exe. Instead, you click on the .bat file you just created.

So, after running the program for several minutes, you will see a window with a hash rate:

Setting up for Ethermine

  1. 0xada842613541e55e2500478892a334cde74ff653 – enter your wallet.
  2. – enter the address of the pool.
  3. 4444 – Specify the pool port.

Commands and Options

Commands and Options

  • -a TEXT Select mining algorithm. For example. “ethash”.
  • -w TEXT Specify wallet address.
  • -p TEXT .. Array of pool addresses. eg. stratum+tcp://

Optional commands:


  • -i INT Set mining intensity (1 – 32). The higher, the more time the GPU spends hashing. The default is 8.
  • -g INT Overclock the miner at your discretion rather than running it at full speed.
  • –reset_oc_dag_gen INT Reset overclock before generating DAG file. Overclocking will be enabled back after the dag is created. 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled.


  • -o TEXT If specified, console output will be written to this file.
  • -v INT Set log verbosity level. 0 = errors, 1 = warnings, 2 = information, 3 = debug, 4 = network.
  • -u INT Console refresh rate in milliseconds. The default is 10000.
  • –nc INT Do not save information to the configuration file (but still read from it).


  • –http_enabled INT Enable or disable the HTTP API. 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled. Enabled by default.
  • –http_address TEXT Set the HTTP API listening IP address. The default is
  • –http_port INT Set which port the HTTP API is listening on. The default is 4014.
  • –http_password TEXT Set the password for the HTTP API. If not set, the HTTP API will not be enabled. The default is empty.


  • -c TEXT Configuration file to load settings from. The default is config.txt`.
  • -h,–help Show help message.

Video card selection

  • –devices Register devices only. The miner does not start.
  • –nvidia INT Mining with Nvidia devices only (0 = false, 1 = true).
  • –amd INT Mining with AMD devices only (0 = false, 1 = true).

Quick start bzminer

Run bzminer with wallet and pool address as parameters:

bzminer -w 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -p ethstratum+tcp:// -r worker_name

You can specify more than one pool address for -p for standby pools on network errors:

bzminer -w 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -p ethstratum+tcp:// stratum+tcp:// -r worker_name

If you wish, you can edit config.txt and run bzminer. You can specify a configuration file with the -c argument:

bzminer -c eth-config.txt

Ethw (EthPOW)

bzminer -a ethw -w 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -p ethproxy+tcp:// -r worker_name

Ethereum Classic

bzminer -a etchash -w 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -p stratum+tcp:// stratum+tcp:// -r worker_name


bzminer -a ergo -w 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -p -r worker_name


bzminer -a rvn -w 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -p stratum+ssl:// -r worker_name


bzminer -a neox -w 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -p -r worker_name


bzminer -a meowcoin -w 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -p -r worker_name


bzminer -a radiant -w 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -p stratum+tcp:// -r worker_name


bzminer -a olhash -w 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -p ethproxy+ssl:// ethproxy+ssl:// -r worker_name


Alephium mining may require 4 wallet addresses (solo mining). For solo mining, change “stratum” to “alphstratum”.

bzminer -a alph -w 000000 -p stratum+tcp:// alphstratum+tcp://


Kaspa mining currently requires a running node (an experimental pool implementation is provided at BzMiner). For solo mining use node+tcp.

bzminer -a kaspa -w 000000 -p node+tcp://

For pool mining, change “node” to “stratum”.

bzminer -a kaspa -w 000000 -p stratum+tcp://


bzminer -a ixi -w 000000 -p


bzminer -a woodcoin -w 0000 -p stratum+tcp:// --pool_password c=LOG,d=1,ID=rig_name

Dual Mining (eth + alph)

bzminer -a ethash -w 000000 -p stratum+tcp:// --a2 alph --w2 000000 --p2 stratum+tcp://


Zil can only be mined at certain times of the day, so this is usually the algorithm you want to double or triple mine with.

bzminer -a zil -w 0000 -p zmp://

Zil dual mining

Zil can be mined with any other algorithm. The example below shows Erg + Zil

bzminer -a ergo -w 0000 -p --a2 zil --w2 1111 --p2 zmp://

Zil triple mining

Zil can be obtained by any other double combo. The example below shows Erg + Kaspa + Zil

bzminer -a ergo -w 0000 -p --a2 kaspa --w2 1111 --p2 stratum+tcp://pool.woolyp

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