Siacoin Go Pool miner: GPU miner for SIAcoin (SC)

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Siamining – another open public mining pool Siacoin (SC)

A few days ago we tested the SIA beta pool from Nanopool, and now there is another more interesting mining pool SIacoin, open to the public, called Siamining. Nanopool is still in beta and seems to have some delays in payments, along with high minimum limits and uses the PPLNS payment system, while the Siamining pool seems to have already left the beta and offers more interesting conditions, especially for small miners. The Siamining Siacoin pool uses the PPS (Pay Per Share) payment system with a slightly higher commission of 3% (to cover the higher risk for the pool) and makes payments every 6 hours. Therefore, you do not need to wait for a very high minimum balance (minimum 2000 SC) or wait for confirmation of blocking before sending you SC payments, there is also Long Polling support to minimize obsolete stocks. We have been testing the pool for about a day, and it seems to be working quite well already, so we recommend that you check it, especially for small miners.

Meanwhile, we also conducted several tests using the Siacoin Go Pool miner, which uses OpenCL to mine SC on different AMD and Nvidia GPUs (the miner supports mining on Nvidia using OpenCL), and you can see the results below. Note that Nvidia is generally slower than AMD in terms of performance with OpenCL, however, new Pascal Nvidia GPUs such as the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 do the job in terms of hash speed. When you consider the very good profitability of Siacoin mining, it is worth checking this, especially if you are interested in continuing to mine Ethereum with the current low exchange rate and high complexity, when there are already several good alternatives, such as SIA.

Siacoin Go Pool miner hashrate:
– GTX 1080 – 1945 MHS
– GTX 1070 – 1466 MHS
– GTX 980 Ti – 1220 MHS
– GTX 970 – 803 MHS
– GTX 950 – 385 MHS
– GTX 750 Ti – 301 MHS
– RX 480 – 872 MHS
– R9 280X – 849 MHS
– R9 290x – 1116 MHS

Alternatively, you can go for Ethereum and Siacoin dual mining, using the latest Claymore Dual Miner with ETH in the main focus and SC as a secondary crypto coin to fully use the resources of your GPU. I remind you that the dual miner is intended only for AMD GPUs, so for Nvidia GPUs you still need to switch to the SIA Go miner, which you can download below (64-bit binary for Windows). Warning: the Siacoin miner is quite heavy for the GPU, so be careful with temperature and power consumption if you have recently focused on Ethereum mining, which does not greatly strain the GPU unlike other algorithms. The Siacoin Go Pool miner easily reaches the TDP limit of the GPU during mining, so make sure your video cards are cool and that your power supply can handle the load.

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