Z-ENEMY v2.6.2 (DevFee 1%): NVIDIA GPU CUDA miner for Windows


Z-ENEMY v2.6.2 — это программное обеспечение с закрытым исходным кодом, доступное только в виде бинарной версии, поддерживающее только Nvidia, а также встроенное вознаграждение разработчика в 1% для поддержки дальнейшей разработки программного обеспечения (Dev Fee 1%).

Последняя версия Z-ENEMY 2.6.2 доступна для Nvidia CUDA 9.1, 9.2, 10.0 и 10.1 для 64-битных версий Windows и Linux. Убедитесь, что у вас установлена ​​соответствующая последняя версия видеодрайвера для той версии CUDA, которую вы хотите использовать — 388+ для 9.1, 397+ для 9.2 и 411 или новее для CUDA 10.0 или последние версии для CUDA 10.1.

Kawpow (RavenCoin):

  • Fixed compatibility with Nicehash, Miningpoolhub and some other pools (“epoch initialization failed” error).
  • Fixed crash while trying to load json config files in Ubuntu 16 based distributions (HiveOS 4)
  • Temporarily disabled environment variables in json config files in Ubuntu 16 based distributions (HiveOS 4)

First time or troubleshooting kawpow:

  • First time users – all ver. 2.02+ works on Cuda 9.x &Cuda 10.x and it is recommended to make sure you’ve updated your NVIDIA drivers. You can find drivers here: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx ver., min ver.398+++
  • Next important thing is intensity. We recommend intensity for start -19 or 20,(21 for 20×0) at first.
  • kawpow algo using +cc&+mem , but use no OC at first until you verify stability…

Обратите внимание, программы-майнеры часто помечаются как вредоносные программы антивирусными программами. Это не так, они помечены просто потому, что они являются майнерами криптовалюты. Если вы не доверяете программному обеспечению, не используйте его!

Zealot/Enemy HTTP JSON API Reference

Starting with version 2.0 and above, the miner comes with built-in HTTP JSON API server and web control panel. When the miner is started, the server is automatically started, accessible with your browser at (or http://localhost:4067 if you wish). You can specify any external IP address using –api-bind-http=addr:port If you want to disable it use –api-bind-http=0

There are also few API methods returning json-formatted data available.

  1. Shares history: http://localhost:4067/history
  2. Current pool info: http://localhost:4067/poolinfo
  3. GPU hardware info: http://localhost:4067/hwinfo
  4. Summary (optionally includes gpu info and pool info): http://localhost:4067/summary?poolinfo=1 (summary with current pool info) http://localhost:4067/summary?gpuinfo=1 ( summary with gpu info) http://localhost:4067/summary (short summary, no pool or gpu info)
  5. Remote quit (or restart, if you start the miner in the loop): http://localhost:4067/quit

More detailed information about these methods (everything below are GET methods only)

HISTORY (http://localhost:4067/history) – outputs the array of the last 100 shares submitted.

Output example:

[{“id”:1, “gpu_id”:0, “height”:716954, “hashrate”:35269128.19, “ping”:793, “difficulty”:152577.397563, “ts”:1558426499}, { … }, … { … }]


"id":1, 			- share number
"gpu_id":0,			- GPU ID (the one which found the nonce)
"height":716954,		- block number
"hashrate":35269128.19, 	- GPU's speed in hashes per second
"ping":793,			- pool response time (ping) in milliseconds
"difficulty":152577.397563, 	- network difficulty
"ts":1558426499,		- time, the number of seconds since 1 January 1970 (UNIX timestamp)

POOLINFO (http://localhost:4067/poolinfo) – outputs the data about the current pool session.

Output example:

{“url”: “stratum+tcp://pool.minermore.com:4403”, “user”: “RFAV6gtcwFDfTQkumUgkQ9YBvLW56M8”, “solved_count”: 0, “accepted_count”:513, “rejected_count”:1, “job_height”:716981, “best_share_diff”:180.015057, “ping”:233, “retries”:0, “last_share”:2}


"url": "stratum+tcp://rvn.antpool.com:9003"	- information about the pool where the miner is connected
"user": "RFAV6gtcwFDfTQkumUgkQ9YBvLW56M8",	- the address of your vallet/username
"solved_count": 0,				- the number of blocks found by the miner
"accepted_count":513,				- number of shares accepted by the pool
"rejected_count":1,				- the number of shares rejected by the pool
"best_share_diff":180.015057			- best share difficulty you have found so far
"ping":233,					- current ping in milliseconds
"retries":0,					- the number of connection attempts in case of loss of connection
"last_share":2					- time in seconds after the last share

HWINFO (http://localhost:4067/hwinfo) – outputs the array with detailed information about the GPUs

Output example:

[{“dev_id”:1, “bus_id”:5, “name”:”MSI GTX 1080 Ti”, “vendor”:”MSI”, “shader_model”:610, “memory_size”:11264, “intensity”:21, “temperature”:63, “fan_speed”:95, “gpu_clock”:1657500, “memory_clock”:5505000, “power”:226493, “hashrate”:30632261}, { … }, … { … }]


"dev_id":1,			- GPU number # in the system
"name":"MSI GTX 1080 Ti",	- the name of the GPU model
"vendor":"MSI",			- the manufacturer of the video card
"shader_model":610,		- unified shader model (6.1)
"memory_size":11264,		- memory size, in megabytes
"intensity":21,			- current intensity, set by user
"temperature":63		- current GPU temperature (Celsius degree)
"fan_speed":95,			- current speed of the cooling fans, in percent
"gpu_clock":1657500,		- current GPU clock
"memory_clock":5505000,		- curent device memory clock
"power":226493,			- current GPU # energy consumption in milliwatts	
"hashrate":30632261		- current GPU # speed in hashes per second

SUMMARY – http://localhost:4067/summary?poolinfo=1&gpuinfo=1 full and detailed information from the current process of mining In addition to the information described above, there are also (Example and explanations):

Output example:

{"name":"zealot", "version":"enemy-2.0", "api":"1.0", "algorithm": "x16r", "gpu_count":5, "hashrate": 66369273, "active_pool": { ... }. "gpuinfo": [{ ... }]}


"name": "zealot",		- miner name
"version": "enemy-2.0",		- miner version
"api": "1.0",			- HTTP API version
"algorithm": "x16r",		- currnet mining algo	
"gpu_count": 5,			- total number of used GPUs
"hashrate": 66369273,		- average hashrate for all GPUs
"active_pool": { ... }          - same as POOLINFO, see above (only included if poolinfo=1)
"gpus": [{ ... }]               - same as HWINFO, see above (only included if gpuinfo=1)

If you don’t want to have gpu info or pool info included, don’t set poolinfo and/or gpuinfo to 1 when calling

QUIT – http://localhost:4067/quit

Allows to remotely quit/restart the miner if command line –api-remote option was specified.

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